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Monday, January 30, 2012

Toddling into Maintenance-ville

today's weigh-in: 147.6lbs
weeks of maintenance: 2

I feel like a toddler who has learned to walk by clinging to the side of the couch but is now starting to venture out into open space.  This is how I view the transition from "losing" stage to "maintenance" stage.   In my case, the "couch" is all those things I've done in the last year to be successful.  See this post here.  Now that I am venturing out, I need to figure out which of those tools I'll keep with me and which of them I'll let go.

I was a successful loser but I've never been a successful maintainer.  Honestly, this is the part I always fuck up.  Like most of you, I've lost weight in the past but I always end up gaining all of it plus more back.  I've never lost this much before.  80lbs in about a year is fantastic.  Before lapband, the most I'd lost was about 30lbs on phen-fen.  (Remember phen-fen? ugh!)   How is this time going to be different? 

New success factors:
 - Commitment. Instead of a weight-loss pounds goal, I set a weight-maintain time goal.  Let me put it out into the universe...I want to be under 150lbs on Jan 1, 2013. 
- Weight range.  My goal range is 146-148lbs.  If I fall in this range, then I won't freak out (even though I gained 1.5lbs last week after eating my way thru NYC & Boston).  If I'm above 148lbs, I'll know to start exerting control.  If I'm above 150lbs, I'll freak & go back to my tried & true bandster ways.  I know this range might seem kind of small but baby steps....
- Exercise.  Can't give this up.  I love how I feel after working out plus I think its now more for mental health than just physical.  However, I don't want to get complacent or bored with my routine.  I recently added in some running to mix things up a bit.  First time out, I ran 3 miles in 30 minutes.  Now contemplating a few 5ks or some mud runs over the summer to keep it interesting.  Also, I know I want to ride a couple of centuries (100 miles) this summer, too.  Actually, not sure what to change here at all... I love my kickboxing because its works out my aggression; I love weights for the toning & I love yoga for the peaceful stretching.  Perhaps when the weather warms up, I'll find new ways to be outside instead of such a gym rat.
- Food.  I still like planning meals & cooking at home.  I just feel better when I do this.  However, I will be traveling a lot this year which means much more eating out.  I need to work on dining out smartly.  Also. with all this exercise, I need to fuel properly to keep up my energy.  I need to find that balance.  My band is well adjusted & I can eat most things.  I'm thinking I may need to let carbs back in.....
-Tracking.  Yes, I'm still logging into MFP every day.  can't seem to stop.  I did bump up my daily calorie goal from 1200 to 1500.  I'm going to keep doing this until I get a feel for this intake level. still holding on to couch with both hands on this one.
- Scale whore.  Instead of weighing everyday I am going to just weigh in once a week. 
- Accountability - gonna keep blogging & will continue to post my weekly weigh-ins.  I'd miss this community too much if I bowed out. :)

I'll give this a shot & see how it goes.  I'll adjust as needed.  If I fall down then I'll dust myself off and get going again.  isn't that how life really works??



vickyd said...

It sounds like you have a good game plan...I'll be watching you for tips to use when I get to this point because, like you, maintenance is the part that scares the hell out of me!!

MandaPanda said...

This sounds like a good plan for maintenance. I don't think you need to change anything about the way you're eating or exercising unless you WANT to. If you feel like you're on a weight loss diet, then by all means, up your calories but your body will settle with what feels natural to you and your lifestyle. If you like the way you're eating now, then why change it? And if exercise has become habit and you love it, then why stop? This are all healthy LIFESTYLE tidbits. I have no doubt you won't even see 150 this year! :)

Ronnie said...

I think maintenance will be alot easier this time around. Congrats on two weeks down! :)

Lap Band Gal said...

Maintenance is interesting isn't it? :) You can do it