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Monday, January 23, 2012

On the road again....

Monday's weigh-in: 146.2lbs
this is week 1 of maintenance...

Starting this week, I'm basically back on the road.  I'm home today but leave first thing tomorrow for stops in NYC & Boston.  Next week its a quick trip to Phoenix.  Week after that its San Francisco & LA.  Plus trips to Chicago, Paris, Montreal & Toronto all before the end of March.  This is just trips I know about - I'm sure my calendar will continue to fill in.

I'm thinking a lot about the shift into maintenance mode.   I have a goal (because I am a type-A driven kinda girl so I need a destination).  For the first time, my destination is not a target weight but a target time.  I want to be under 150lbs in one year's time.  Now that I know where I want to go, I just need to work out the steps how to get there....that's what I'm trying to get my head around.

Have a great week!


Ronnie said...

How was your first week, eating-wise? :) Congrats on staying where you wanted to be!

Nora said...

Looks like a good goal to me! I have a question about the shebeest capris that you suggested. Do you feel that they are true to size, small, big, etc? In under armour I wear L spandex pants but am concerned that the shebeests might be too small considering that they are low rise. At the same time, I won't be buying them until the beginning of March when (I hope) I will be smaller. Any thoughts on sizing?