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Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Ramblings & a Chemical Peel

today's weigh-in: 149.6lbs
down 1lb from last week.  burning thru the holiday gain.  just happy to be down given all the football watch party goodies on Friday and Sunday plus not being able to workout since Thursday.  more on that later.....

Just a bunch a random things for today:
- Sugar-free challenge:  I confess that I went on a bit of sugar binge late last year starting at Halloween and then peaking around Xmas.  My daily small piece of chocolate mushroomed into several pieces & then into bars of chocolate.  Plus cookies, pies, ice cream, etc.  Even added more "sweet" into other items like 3-4 packs of splenda in my cappuccino instead of 1.    Time to get clean.  I have challenged myself to go sugar-free for the entire month of January.  "Sugar-free" to me means no sweets, no desserts, no sugar or honey in my tea.  And NO chocolate.  I admit - this will be tough.  I started last Wed , so I am 6 days clean. Anybody want to join me?

- Premium denim NSV: a big goal for me at the beginning of this was to squeeze into some really primo denim.  And now I have!  I bought two pairs just after xmas.  Seven for All Mankind in size 28s.  woo-hoo!!!!  First time in my life that jean shopping was not totally traumatic. 

-Dress shopping:  The hubs came with me on the jean shopping experience.  what a good egg!  After that, we were wondering around Larimer Square.  Its a great little area with lots of bars, restaurants, shops, etc.  He spotted a dress in a little boutique that he really liked.  I volunteered to go try it on - because I can do that now. :)  The shop only had sizes 0, 2 & 4 in that dress so I grabbed the 4.  It didn't fit that great but then we chatted up the owner & I started trying on a bunch of other cute dresses.  My hubs & I have very different tastes about fashion.  I like tailored, structured, simple, solids, neutrals & all business.  He likes flowy, girly, colors, patterns & ornate.  I ended up getting 2 dresses!  One in each "style".  One is a black sheath dress with very clean lines.  The other breaks all my usual rules for dressing.  First, its a maxi dress.  As a fat girl, I never thought that adding all that extra material was helpful.  Also, this dress has a halter top with bare-back, shoulders & arms.  Bits I don't consider my best bits so I usually don't highlight them.  Also, since its a halter I can't where a bra.  yikes!!! The halter has a deep keyhole - lots of side boob going on.  When I tried it on, I could practically feel the heat in his eyes.  love it :)  I really don't have anyplace to wear this thing but he's going to arrange a great dinner out & a show when it warms up a bit. 

- Wed is my one-year follow-up with my surgeon.  I know he is going to be so proud of me!  Gotta figure out something stunning to wear.

- On a sadder note, my best friend moved away last week. boo.  In my head, I understand why she had to move away but it just makes my heart ache.  I will email & chat with her regularly but it wouldn't be anything like meeting her up for a long, gossipy lunch.  She has been soooo supportive of me in the last year & I am just going to  miss her.

- New sports bra:  I shrunk out of another sports bra.  I started out last year at a 38DD - I'm now a 34C.  I think the hubs is a little upset but I'm good with this.  I've always disliked my big boobs & it finally feels like these girls are right-sized to me. 

- Chemical Peel:  New year, new face. right? I got my first ever chemical peel on Friday.  I hate my freckles & am ready to try something to even out my skin tone. I found a nice deal on a series of 3 peels.  Its only just starting to flake now & its getting itchy.  Only bad thing is I can't workout for 48-72hours after and I have to stay out of the sun - so I can't even walk around my neighborhood.

Glad to shake off the holiday craziness & getting back to my usual routine.  Planned the weekly menu & went grocery shopping on Saturday.  Here's what I'm eating this week....
Saturday: Enchilada Casserole with Spicy Black Beans  fairly good but quick & easy.  I boosted the flavor by adding in adobo sauce.  If I make it again, I would completely replace the tomato sauce with adobo sauce.  yum!  I'm having leftovers for lunch today

Sunday: Fried Eggs over Warm Lentil Salad  I couldn't work out Sunday morning so I spoiled myself & made this for breakfast.  great comfort food for me!!  I change this recipe up a bit by wilting the spinach & stirring it in with the lentils.  I love lentils.  yum!!!  Sunday dinner was not so good - went to a friend's house to watch the Broncos game which meant chips, rotel dip, drinks, etc.

Monday: Tea Trade Chicken & Cumin Carrots
I have spoken of my love for Eating Well in the past & I was excited to get a "Cooking for Two" cookbook by Eating Well for xmas.  SO many yummy recipes.  We will definitely be trying most of them - starting with this chicken recipe.

Tuesday: Thyme & Sesame Crusted Halibut with broccoli
gotta get my fish in :)

Wed: Ham & Swiss quiche
I'm getting a fill Wed morning so something softer for dinner will hit the spot

Thursday:Pumpkin & Roasted Red Pepper Turkey Chili
My husband saw this recipe in our local paper & wants to try it.  I love that he is contributing! We're not much into game so we'll swap the venison for turkey & a bit of pork sausage.  It also has pumpkin puree in it.  should be interesting....worth a shot :)

Workout plans:
Monday: 1hr kickbpx + 1 hr chisel
Tuesday: 75min yoga
Wed: 1hr kickbpx + 1 hr chisel
Thurs: rest (or maybe a zumba class)
Friday: 1 hr yoga
Sat: rest

Have a great week!

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moni said...

Hi BFF, It really is matter where I am :) ILU and am so proud of you :)