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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving recap

Monday weigh-in: 150.4lbs
up 0.4lbs from last week.

Given that it was Thanksgiving binge weekend, I'm pretty happy about this!  Actually, I didn't really overeat...I mostly overdrank.  Downing an *entire* bottle of wine on Thursday wasn't ideal - but it was very yummy.  Definitely carb & sugar overload for me - now its time to clean up my act & detox before xmas gets here.

One thing I did do well this weekend was working out.... 1hr kickbox + 1hr weight on Wed nite, 1 spin + 1hr weights on Friday morning & 1hr weights + 1hr massage yesterday.  As well as a bunch of yard work. I've been such a slacker out in my garden but was lucky enough to catch a couple of 60deg days here in Denver over the long weekend.  I was able to do my final clean-up & put my garden to bed plus put almost 400 bulbs in the ground.  Will be a red tulip riot come spring :)

Thanksgiving was really quiet - which I loved.  It was just three of us so everything was low stress & no drama.  Xmas will be the exact opposite so it was nice to have a couple of days of peace...something that won't be coming my way for the foreseeable future.  I'm home this week but off to Sao Paulo, Brazil next week.  Home for a few days & then off to Boston.  Home a few days before xmas & then my family is here for a few days before we head back to Kansas City to see in-laws through New Years.  And the fun really starts - I believe I'll be on the road most of Jan, Feb & March.  ugh!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Experiment Results

Monday weigh-in: 150.0 lbs
down 1.6lbs from last week.
As much as I've been bouncing around lately, I consider this to be just noise.  But, wow, its feels like my body is totally resisting the 140s....

So, lets do a recap of last week's experiment on adding back in carbs.  After about 2 days of additional carbs, I definitely felt better - more energy, more perky.  More my sassy self.  I did add a roll to my late morning snack & added carbs to my main meals.  For instance - this was dinner one night that included a crostini on a steak.  Also, this was another dinner that had shrimp over polenta.  I liked adding carbs in with protein rather than as a stand alone snack.  My body now feels very sensitive to what I eat &  I seemed to have fewer ups & downs when eating carbs with protein.

On to the B12 shots....first, the place is a totally dodgy "medical" weight loss sham.  They offer phen, HCG & all sorts of other potions.  It was a Groupn - what can I say??  Since I had also upped my carbs, its hard to say if the b12 was really adding to my energy.  However, I did notice one difference - heat.  Ever since I crossed from the 170s into the 160s, I have been freezing.  Long sleeves, wraps & scarves during the day to sweats & ski socks at nite (mmm, sexy).  Not this weekend.  Even though I woke up to frost & a light dusting of snow both yesterday & today, I was comfy sleeping in just a tank top & skivvies. I guess the internal thermostat just got boosted a few degrees.  I like it.

All in all, I still think carbs are a slippery slope for me but I know this is not the week to try to wean off of them.  I plan on enjoying mashed potatoes & gravy on Thanksgiving!  I will plan on pulling carbs out of the menu starting next week but continue on with the shots.  I bought a 15-shot package & I'm up for another one tomorrow.  I'll keep you guys posted on any other changes....

Here is the weekly plan -
Monday:  Oven BBQ Asian Chicken with some carrots
Tues: Pan seared tilapia with mashed sweet potatoes
Wed: Bacon & swiss quiche
Thurs: Thanksgiving!!!  Its going to be nice & quiet - just my hubs & daughter.  We've pared down the menu to only what we really want - turkey, gravy, potatoes.  Plus, hubs loves stuffing & he makes his own.  Dessert is just pumpkin pie & I may make some homemade rice pudding.  Since we don't want to be swimming in leftovers for weeks, I was glad to find that my grocery store was selling split turkey breasts.  We can get all the great smells of Thanksgiving but just the best part of the bird plus it'll probably cook in under 2 hours.
Fri/Sat/Sun - leftovers. fav :)

stick with the standards
yesterday: 1 hr spin + 1 hr chisel
Monday: 1 hr kickbox + 1 hour chisel
Tuesday: 1 hr yoga
Wed: 1 hr kickbox + 1 hour chisel
Thurs: gym is offering some special turkey day classes - I may do the yoga class. or I may not.
Friday: 1 hr spin + 1 hr chisel
Sat: rest


Friday, November 18, 2011

Mae West

This Mae West.....
                                                 ....not this mae west......

I am reading a book now called Art of Seduction by Robert Greene.  Its a very interesting blend of psychology, history and practical guidebook.   Its broken up into three main sections.  First, an exploration of seducer types.  its a little like a Cosmo quiz & you are supposed to figure out what your style is.  I'd say I'm a "charmer" Second, a list of target types & victim psychology.  Here, I think I'm a "professor"  The author is quite witty & throws in a few observations about each type - some, he says, are worth seducing but some types just become too tiresome or annoying.  Third & final section is a 24-step guide on how to set up, execute & deal with the aftermath of a seduction.  The whole book is liberally sprinkled with historical figures & lots of quotes.  Its not really about how to get to laid - but more about how to engage someone's feelings, sexual manipulation & social power.  So, why am I reading this fascinating, if somewhat creepy, book?

Traveling Bandita just did a post on something that's been coming up - dealing with men.  Frankly, I've never really attracted much male attention before (other than "friend") & I'm a little unsure on how to manage it.  It is my lack of experience that I fear could make me a an easy target.  Really, sparkling eyes,  a few soulful compliments, some drinks combined with lots of time on the road and I could envision myself doing something stupid.  That may not be the ideal thing to say but at least its truthful.   In a perfect world when I get hit on, I would just stick my nose up in the air & stomp away but its never really that simple, is it?  My thought process is I figure the best way to armor myself against seduction is to learn to recognize the signs.  To know when I am being seduced in order to guard against it.

The word "seduction" may infer a sexual component but it doesn't always have to be that way.  This book notes that great politicians - JFK, for example - "seduce" on a mass scale.   Seduction seems like another form of power - just ask Marilyn Monroe!  Anybody with any modicum of job success or ability to influence others around them is used to wielding power.  I am certainly comfortable with using several forms of power in my career.  Its just that seduction has never been a type of power within my reach - until now.  I'm just thinking that I need to learn how to master this one as well.

Logical approach or psyhco?  How do you fabulous skinny bitches deal with all the men falling at your feet?

Finally, I was watching a Mae West double feature on the TCM earlier this week.  I've always had a girl crush on her but now its fascinating to watch her while thinking about this book.

So, I leave you a pertinent Mae West quote..."a dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up."


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I've been feeling blah. run down. tired.  this is really not like me - especially not since losing all this weight.  Over the weekend, I really needed to work out in the garden - something I usually love.  But somehow I couldn't manage to get my butt in gear.  (I did finally get out there by only enough to clean up the front yard - still gotta clean up the back & put all my pots in the garage for winter) Maybe its the season, maybe its the time change, maybe its the looming holidays that I hate.  maybe...

The hubs commented maybe I wasn't eating enough carbs.  This got me that I am so close to goal, maybe there are less reserves on my body & I need to rebalance what I'm eating.  I've always tried to stick to the bandster way of life - protein first plus maybe some veggies.  No bread, no rice, no pasta plus do my best to limit sugar intake.  Is that what it should *always* be??  I'm not "low-carb" by any stretch but my daily carb intake is under 100gr.

I've noticed I tend to get dizzy or woozy if I don't eat at least a little something every few hours.  Being this skinny is a new frontier for me.  So, this week I'm consciously trying to add carbs *back* into my diet. I'm going with a small roll with some goat cheese as a mid-morning snack.   My restriction level is quite good - I can pretty much eat whatever I want but only a few bites & not much hunger.  I have mixed emotions about this little experiment.  For me, I think carbs are the devil & I'm afraid that a "little" could quickly turn into a "lot."  Also afraid I'm going to pack on 5lbs overnite.  mental, I know.  However, I'm starting to feel perkier & more alert.  Let's see if I can get back some of that old fire in Kickbox tonight....

Another thing I am going to try are B12 shots.  Anyone tried them?  I've been taking b12 orally for awhile now.  Definitely gross tasting but I can tell my energy flags on days I miss a dose.  However, I know my body does not absorb much of it since it passes right through & turns my pee neon yellow.  I've heard the body absorbs more of the b12 when delivered via a shot.  Plus, there was recently a deal on Groupon - so I'm going to give it a shot (bad, I know).  I bought a 15-shot package & shots are supposed to be done weekly.  First appt is tomorrow.  I'll post updates.....



Monday, November 14, 2011

Two steps forward, one step back

Monday's weigh-in: 151.2lbs
up 3lbs (yes, 3!) from last week.

can you say "backslide"?  last week was full of poor choices.
too many meals eating out? not enough time in the gym? a heaping dose of self-sabotage? check, check and check!

seriously, I think I was a bit spooked by hitting my final decade last week.  A very good friend of mine has noted that I am a "project" person.  I like to have a project or goal I am working towards.  But that means when I get close to finishing a project I get a little weird. what to do next??  This weigh-loss thing has happened both slower & faster than I ever thought.  I never expected to be this close to goal - how could I expect it?  I've always failed at this particular project in the past.

I guess I need a new goal.  suggestions?


Monday, November 7, 2011

The Final Decade

Today's weigh-in: 148.2lbs
down about 3.5lbs from last week.
oh shit!!! I am in the 140s....this is my final decade, my final frontier.  how completely crazy is that?

This weekend brought another round of cleaning out the closet.....all those 12s I'd been holding onto had to go. Even the $800 suit.  ouch.   Even the 10s I bought a few weeks ago could go but then I'd have nothing to wear.  My closet is definitely looking like Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboard right now.  Naturally, I hit the mall this weekend for some big sales.  I'm right between a size 6 & 8.  All the 6s zip up & button but are a little too tight for comfort.  I figure I'm not a fatty anymore, so why deal with too tight clothes??  At goal, I'll definitely be a size 6....and I'll enjoy it then!

Same old, same old here.  I'm home for the next few weeks which means I can easily stick to my routine.  I like my routine - its obviously working. I did swap out yoga for spin last week & LOVED it!!!!  I remember I tried yoga back in early spring but I didn't feel strong enough.  This time I felt strong.  solid. balanced.  physically capable. joyous!

None of the recipes from last week were really all that good.  None of them are worth repeating or worthy enough to make it into our family rotation.  I think this was my last chance for Cooking Light - their recipes never seem to tickle my taste buds.  I've asked hubs to cancel that subscription & start up a regular one for Eating Well.  I'll even put their cookbooks on my xmas list.

Here's the plan for this week:
Monday:  Crock Pot pot roast - supposed snow again tonight in Denver so should hit the spot
Tuesday: Chili Rubbed Tilapia with Asparagus & Lemon
Wed & Thursday: customer meetings including dinners
Friday:  Turkey taco meat in roasted acorn squash. yum!!!

Sunday:  1 hr spin & 1 hr chisel.  plus 1 hour massage - does that count??
Monday: 1 hr kickbox & 1 hr chisel
Tuesday: 75 min yoga for strength & stability
Wed & Thursday: customer meetings
Friday: 1 hr yoga