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Monday, November 21, 2011

Experiment Results

Monday weigh-in: 150.0 lbs
down 1.6lbs from last week.
As much as I've been bouncing around lately, I consider this to be just noise.  But, wow, its feels like my body is totally resisting the 140s....

So, lets do a recap of last week's experiment on adding back in carbs.  After about 2 days of additional carbs, I definitely felt better - more energy, more perky.  More my sassy self.  I did add a roll to my late morning snack & added carbs to my main meals.  For instance - this was dinner one night that included a crostini on a steak.  Also, this was another dinner that had shrimp over polenta.  I liked adding carbs in with protein rather than as a stand alone snack.  My body now feels very sensitive to what I eat &  I seemed to have fewer ups & downs when eating carbs with protein.

On to the B12 shots....first, the place is a totally dodgy "medical" weight loss sham.  They offer phen, HCG & all sorts of other potions.  It was a Groupn - what can I say??  Since I had also upped my carbs, its hard to say if the b12 was really adding to my energy.  However, I did notice one difference - heat.  Ever since I crossed from the 170s into the 160s, I have been freezing.  Long sleeves, wraps & scarves during the day to sweats & ski socks at nite (mmm, sexy).  Not this weekend.  Even though I woke up to frost & a light dusting of snow both yesterday & today, I was comfy sleeping in just a tank top & skivvies. I guess the internal thermostat just got boosted a few degrees.  I like it.

All in all, I still think carbs are a slippery slope for me but I know this is not the week to try to wean off of them.  I plan on enjoying mashed potatoes & gravy on Thanksgiving!  I will plan on pulling carbs out of the menu starting next week but continue on with the shots.  I bought a 15-shot package & I'm up for another one tomorrow.  I'll keep you guys posted on any other changes....

Here is the weekly plan -
Monday:  Oven BBQ Asian Chicken with some carrots
Tues: Pan seared tilapia with mashed sweet potatoes
Wed: Bacon & swiss quiche
Thurs: Thanksgiving!!!  Its going to be nice & quiet - just my hubs & daughter.  We've pared down the menu to only what we really want - turkey, gravy, potatoes.  Plus, hubs loves stuffing & he makes his own.  Dessert is just pumpkin pie & I may make some homemade rice pudding.  Since we don't want to be swimming in leftovers for weeks, I was glad to find that my grocery store was selling split turkey breasts.  We can get all the great smells of Thanksgiving but just the best part of the bird plus it'll probably cook in under 2 hours.
Fri/Sat/Sun - leftovers. fav :)

stick with the standards
yesterday: 1 hr spin + 1 hr chisel
Monday: 1 hr kickbox + 1 hour chisel
Tuesday: 1 hr yoga
Wed: 1 hr kickbox + 1 hour chisel
Thurs: gym is offering some special turkey day classes - I may do the yoga class. or I may not.
Friday: 1 hr spin + 1 hr chisel
Sat: rest



MandaPanda said...

Glad you're feeling more like yourself!

Ronnie said...

Glad you're back to feeling more energetic. :)

Enjoy your holidays!