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Monday, September 26, 2011


Monday weigh-in: 155.0lbs
down 5.8lbs from last week.
nothing like a little yo-yo to get this week started.

obviously, I am ridiculously pleased with today's number.  Its a new lowest low for me on this journey.   Its also a decision point.  A little while ago I was wondering what my goal should be.....its one thing to set a goal at the beginning when every number seems just like wishful thinking.  Its another thing to be nearing the end of the journey and trying to really figure out the end point.  So - here's my decison:  yes!  I want to go for the original 145lb target.  I'm a roomy size 10 now & I know size 8 is just around the corner.  this is my goal.  whew!  feels good to say it. :)

A little recap of last week's activities:

Got a monster fill on Thursday - 0.5ccs.  I haven't really tracked this too closely but I think I'm about 8ccs in my 11cc band.  Fill has gone great so far!  I can eat just about anything - just in really small amounts & no hunger for hours.   oh god, I hope it stays this way.  I just need to be a very good bandster now - small bites, chew well, etc.  I've always kept my band pretty loose but its nice to feel this restriction.  hopefully this will get me the momentum to roll into the 140s....

Compliment from my hubs.  We went hiking with some great friends on Saturday morning.   It was a ton of fun!!! Boulder is just beautiful.  I wore some workout capris that I usually just wear at the gym.  I don't wear them about the house so the hubs really hasn't seen me in workout gear.  We'd wrapped up the hike & heading out to brunch when he commented that my calves have slimmed down a lot.  "Much smaller than they used to be."  awww....

Full Length Mirror.  This one is actually a big NSV for me!  At the start of this journey, I realized, as a fat girl, I did not own a lot of things skinny girls own.  I did not have: a scale, workout shoes/clothes,  a gym membership, etc.  There has also not been a full-length mirror in my house for almost 10 years.  seriously.  til this weekend.  I now have a full-length mirror in my room.  And I like what I see.....  :)


Monday, September 19, 2011

Up, up & away....

today's weigh-in: 160.8
up about 4lbs from 2 weeks ago.

there it is in all its glory.  bad behavior, bad results.  I'm totally feeling MandaPanda on falling off the wagon.  HARD! A few days ago, I saw 155 flash briefly on my scale - now look where I am!  holy crap, sisters.  I have no restriction, I'm hungry all the time, can eat just about anything...especially bread products. Even those cheese danishes I was sneaking on Friday.  Its been a long time since I did any hidden eating.  I always feel so guilty & ashamed when I secretly eat.  when I sit in my car all by myself & stuff my face.  not sure what's going on in my head right now.

At this point, I just need to own to my mistakes, pick myself up and dust myself off.  So, lets focus on the positive...
             *  I'm home for the next 2 weeks.  :)!
             * Weekly menu has been planned & groceries bought.  see below
             * Gym bag is packed & in the car.  Spin & Chisel are on for tonight
             * Fill appt & 9 month check up Thursday.  I soooo need a fill.
             * Healing.  Right before my big bike race, I totally jacked my foot up.  I didn't just stub my toe - my pinky toe was literally sticking straight out in the wrong direction.  My foot swelled & bruised heavily.  However, it has just ached for several weeks now.  Usually ok when I was wearing flip-flops but heels have been out for awhile.  Today is the first day I've been able to wear closed-toed shoes without pain.  I see Kickbox returning to my routine next week.

This week's menu:
             * Sunday: Seared Scallops & Cauliflower with Brown Butter  this was really good!! definitely a repeater.  Cauliflower is my hubs' favorite veggie.  Super fast, too.
             * Monday: Winter Squash & Chicken Tzimmes  Another Eating Well recipe to try out.  Hubs requested something with Butternut squash now that Fall is creeping in.  I have absolutely no idea what a "Tzimmes" is.
             * Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Blue Cheese Pizza  I love taking convenience foods - rotisserie chicken & prebaked pizza crust - to throw together something quick
             *  Wed: Turkey tacos - old faithful
             *  Thurs: Baked tilapia with pineapple-jalapeno salsa & green beans


Monday, September 12, 2011

Bad Week

 weigh-in: dunno. on the road.  up.

last week was a tough one.  Before I leave the office, I typically call the hubs & let him know I'm on my way.  When I called Friday, he could tell I was beat.  We were going to go grab dinner but I wanted a drink first.  When I got home, he was literally standing by the door with my bourbon drink in hand. yummmmm....I flopped on the couch & groused about the week at work.    But here's what was really bugging me......
              number of times I worked out last week? 0
              number of times I cooked at home last week? 0
By far, the worst week of "banded lifestyle" for me since I started.  The scale proved it - I know I was up a couple of pounds.  Losing is so slow for me now that I just probably set myself back a month. 

After all my griping, do you know what response I got?  Hubs turned to me & said, "Here's what we're going to do...." and he suggested details on reworking our morning routine to go running together after the kid leaves for school.  So, a) he was listening b) he took me seriously and c) we can make it better together.  Good god, I love that man.

All this dreaminess will have to wait til much later in the week when I get back to Denver.  I'm not sure I could look forward to running but...with him next to me, it might happen. :)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday (Tuesday) weigh-in

weigh-in: 157.6lbs  exactly same as last week.

I enjoyed a nice, long, quiet weekend at home.  It involved a LOT of drinking & dining out.  I did see 155 briefly flash on the scale once this weekend so I know its just around the corner :)

Seriously, tho', lots of drinking.  I have a bottle of *very* nice bourbon at home - drank a lot of that.  Met a girlfriend for brunch & bottomless mimosas - drank a lot of that, too.

I did get to the gym this weekend...for a long massage & mud wrap.  it felt so fabulous.  I did squeeze in one weight lifting class & went on a 4-hour bike yesterday.  it felt great.

I also managed to do a lot of shopping this weekend.  Jeans, tshirts, great leather jacket in a size 8 that fits like a dream & will be a staple this season.  Also, dropped big dough on lingerie.  For shopping, the hubs & I have a deal - anything over a certain price and the other person has to sign-off on it.  The only exception?  Lingerie!  I can go buy sexy bras & panties at any time as long as he gets to admire it all.  This has been a long standing rule in our relationship & it seems to work.  hahaha.

There is a very upscale lingerie shop in Denver that I was always too embarrassed to shop at before.  Well, this weekend I was feeling bold & saucy so I marched right on in & tried on oodles of adorable things.  Bras?  36D panties? medium  it felt so good in my soul.  of course, I splurged!  Here is one of the sets I got: bra & panties.  I think its cute without being all lacy & itchy.   I will need plastic surgery at the end of all this.....I don't have batwings, per se, but I do have a bunch of excess flesh spilling over right up under my armpits.  its like I have 4 boobs now - the two regular ones & now the two hiding under my arms.  arrrgh!