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Monday, September 19, 2011

Up, up & away....

today's weigh-in: 160.8
up about 4lbs from 2 weeks ago.

there it is in all its glory.  bad behavior, bad results.  I'm totally feeling MandaPanda on falling off the wagon.  HARD! A few days ago, I saw 155 flash briefly on my scale - now look where I am!  holy crap, sisters.  I have no restriction, I'm hungry all the time, can eat just about anything...especially bread products. Even those cheese danishes I was sneaking on Friday.  Its been a long time since I did any hidden eating.  I always feel so guilty & ashamed when I secretly eat.  when I sit in my car all by myself & stuff my face.  not sure what's going on in my head right now.

At this point, I just need to own to my mistakes, pick myself up and dust myself off.  So, lets focus on the positive...
             *  I'm home for the next 2 weeks.  :)!
             * Weekly menu has been planned & groceries bought.  see below
             * Gym bag is packed & in the car.  Spin & Chisel are on for tonight
             * Fill appt & 9 month check up Thursday.  I soooo need a fill.
             * Healing.  Right before my big bike race, I totally jacked my foot up.  I didn't just stub my toe - my pinky toe was literally sticking straight out in the wrong direction.  My foot swelled & bruised heavily.  However, it has just ached for several weeks now.  Usually ok when I was wearing flip-flops but heels have been out for awhile.  Today is the first day I've been able to wear closed-toed shoes without pain.  I see Kickbox returning to my routine next week.

This week's menu:
             * Sunday: Seared Scallops & Cauliflower with Brown Butter  this was really good!! definitely a repeater.  Cauliflower is my hubs' favorite veggie.  Super fast, too.
             * Monday: Winter Squash & Chicken Tzimmes  Another Eating Well recipe to try out.  Hubs requested something with Butternut squash now that Fall is creeping in.  I have absolutely no idea what a "Tzimmes" is.
             * Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Blue Cheese Pizza  I love taking convenience foods - rotisserie chicken & prebaked pizza crust - to throw together something quick
             *  Wed: Turkey tacos - old faithful
             *  Thurs: Baked tilapia with pineapple-jalapeno salsa & green beans



MandaPanda said...

We'll get back on track together. We can do this!

moni said...

You'll beat this, I'm sure of it! You will see that 155lb again real soon :)