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Monday, September 26, 2011


Monday weigh-in: 155.0lbs
down 5.8lbs from last week.
nothing like a little yo-yo to get this week started.

obviously, I am ridiculously pleased with today's number.  Its a new lowest low for me on this journey.   Its also a decision point.  A little while ago I was wondering what my goal should be.....its one thing to set a goal at the beginning when every number seems just like wishful thinking.  Its another thing to be nearing the end of the journey and trying to really figure out the end point.  So - here's my decison:  yes!  I want to go for the original 145lb target.  I'm a roomy size 10 now & I know size 8 is just around the corner.  this is my goal.  whew!  feels good to say it. :)

A little recap of last week's activities:

Got a monster fill on Thursday - 0.5ccs.  I haven't really tracked this too closely but I think I'm about 8ccs in my 11cc band.  Fill has gone great so far!  I can eat just about anything - just in really small amounts & no hunger for hours.   oh god, I hope it stays this way.  I just need to be a very good bandster now - small bites, chew well, etc.  I've always kept my band pretty loose but its nice to feel this restriction.  hopefully this will get me the momentum to roll into the 140s....

Compliment from my hubs.  We went hiking with some great friends on Saturday morning.   It was a ton of fun!!! Boulder is just beautiful.  I wore some workout capris that I usually just wear at the gym.  I don't wear them about the house so the hubs really hasn't seen me in workout gear.  We'd wrapped up the hike & heading out to brunch when he commented that my calves have slimmed down a lot.  "Much smaller than they used to be."  awww....

Full Length Mirror.  This one is actually a big NSV for me!  At the start of this journey, I realized, as a fat girl, I did not own a lot of things skinny girls own.  I did not have: a scale, workout shoes/clothes,  a gym membership, etc.  There has also not been a full-length mirror in my house for almost 10 years.  seriously.  til this weekend.  I now have a full-length mirror in my room.  And I like what I see.....  :)



Ronnie said...

Awesome! I love to hear that you're liking what you see, such a great realization. I also need to get a full-sized mirror in my bedroom. Thanks for reminding me. :)

MandaPanda said...

What wonderful NSV's and that is a monster loss you showed this week!! You're doing so so well!