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Monday, October 10, 2011


Monday weigh-in: 153.4lbs
down 1.6lbs from 2 weeks ago
also, this is another milestone for me.  actually, its my last milestone.  that sounds so strange.  when I started this journey, I broke it up into 10% chunklets.  With this weigh-in, I just hit 90% to goal.  only 8lbs to go.....even though its gotten really slow, this still just blows my mind!!!

Sorry no weigh-in or posts last week.  While many of you ladies were enjoying BOOBs fun in Chicago ( so jealous!!! love all the great pics), I was off to a huge company conference.   I was one of 45,000+ people to invade San Francisco for the week.  It was absolutely crazy - so much to do.  I'm still tired.  My band is quite tight so I only munched sporadically.  I actually packed my Magic Bullet, favorite protein powder & soy milk to ensure I was trying to get enough protein in.   One night I did have a big dinner & I could only nibble a couple of bites.  it was one of those awkward bandster moments we all have....

One HUGE new NSV for me.  I arrived in SF on Saturday morning & found some time to squeeze in some shopping in Union Square.  There is a big event coming up & I wanted a new dress.  I wanted something I've never had....the little black dress.  It should be a staple in every woman's closet but its never been in mine.  til now!  I didn't want just any LBD - I wanted something epic.  And I totally found it in a small boutique off some little alley way.  It's short (yes, above my knees) & all sequined.   Its from a British designer so its got a tough (but sexy) edge to it.  no way I'm NOT going to get noticed in this thing.   love it!!!


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