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Monday, October 24, 2011

Paree - oo la la!

pic of skinny me outside the Louvre on a fall evening.  Jacket is size small, size 10 jeans from the G.a.p, boots that zip over my calves & daylight between my thighs.  how sweet it is!!!!

I'm back from my weekend in Paris with the hubs.   We had a lovely time!  Walked all over the city & tried to just soak up the ambiance.  sat in cafes drinking chocolat chaud & eating croissants.  Did do some shopping but funny thing is I didn't buy anything.  I did feel confident enough to walk into several little boutiques & try things on.  It was interesting to be waited on by French lady shopkeepers..."bonjour, madame!  'ow can I help yoo?  ah, oui, yoo are a meedium, no?"  Everything fit but nothing really struck me.  Now,  I want to ( I expect to) fall in love with everything I'm going to buy.  I've earned that much :)

First time in a very looooong time where I volunteered to be in as many pics as possible.  kinda nice to make an appearance in my own life again.

Definitely did some damage but I don't regret it.  I know what I need to do to get back on track.  Back to cooking at home, planning the weekly menu & hit the gym.  voila!!
Monday's weigh-in: 155.4lbs
up 4lbs from last week.

Its also my 10-month bandiversary so here are those pics, too



funygurl said...

you look amazing!!! Glad to hear the trip was a success =) I'm excited to get to the point where everything I try on I want to buy.. heck I just want to like shopping!!!

moni said...

You look great in these pics :) YAY! This is the part you have to savor for sure.

MandaPanda said...

You are super skinny!!! You look gorgeous and sounds like a fun time away!