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Monday, September 12, 2011

Bad Week

 weigh-in: dunno. on the road.  up.

last week was a tough one.  Before I leave the office, I typically call the hubs & let him know I'm on my way.  When I called Friday, he could tell I was beat.  We were going to go grab dinner but I wanted a drink first.  When I got home, he was literally standing by the door with my bourbon drink in hand. yummmmm....I flopped on the couch & groused about the week at work.    But here's what was really bugging me......
              number of times I worked out last week? 0
              number of times I cooked at home last week? 0
By far, the worst week of "banded lifestyle" for me since I started.  The scale proved it - I know I was up a couple of pounds.  Losing is so slow for me now that I just probably set myself back a month. 

After all my griping, do you know what response I got?  Hubs turned to me & said, "Here's what we're going to do...." and he suggested details on reworking our morning routine to go running together after the kid leaves for school.  So, a) he was listening b) he took me seriously and c) we can make it better together.  Good god, I love that man.

All this dreaminess will have to wait til much later in the week when I get back to Denver.  I'm not sure I could look forward to running but...with him next to me, it might happen. :)



MandaPanda said...

You've got yourself a good one there! I know the setbacks can really work your last nerve, but we just have to keep pushing on. I know you can do it!

Ronnie said...

I agree with Manda, he sounds like a great guy to take you seriously. Most men would say, "Don't worry about it!" :) Shows he realizes how hard you normally work!