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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday (Tuesday) weigh-in

weigh-in: 157.6lbs  exactly same as last week.

I enjoyed a nice, long, quiet weekend at home.  It involved a LOT of drinking & dining out.  I did see 155 briefly flash on the scale once this weekend so I know its just around the corner :)

Seriously, tho', lots of drinking.  I have a bottle of *very* nice bourbon at home - drank a lot of that.  Met a girlfriend for brunch & bottomless mimosas - drank a lot of that, too.

I did get to the gym this weekend...for a long massage & mud wrap.  it felt so fabulous.  I did squeeze in one weight lifting class & went on a 4-hour bike yesterday.  it felt great.

I also managed to do a lot of shopping this weekend.  Jeans, tshirts, great leather jacket in a size 8 that fits like a dream & will be a staple this season.  Also, dropped big dough on lingerie.  For shopping, the hubs & I have a deal - anything over a certain price and the other person has to sign-off on it.  The only exception?  Lingerie!  I can go buy sexy bras & panties at any time as long as he gets to admire it all.  This has been a long standing rule in our relationship & it seems to work.  hahaha.

There is a very upscale lingerie shop in Denver that I was always too embarrassed to shop at before.  Well, this weekend I was feeling bold & saucy so I marched right on in & tried on oodles of adorable things.  Bras?  36D panties? medium  it felt so good in my soul.  of course, I splurged!  Here is one of the sets I got: bra & panties.  I think its cute without being all lacy & itchy.   I will need plastic surgery at the end of all this.....I don't have batwings, per se, but I do have a bunch of excess flesh spilling over right up under my armpits.  its like I have 4 boobs now - the two regular ones & now the two hiding under my arms.  arrrgh!


1 comment:

Ronnie said...

Those are cute! Great job on going into that lingerie shop, I'm still too scared. :)