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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8 month bandiversary! with pics & stats

Coming off my triumphant, epic bike ride & its time for a bandiversary.  I'm about a week late with this but oh, well!

Monday's weigh-in 157.6lbs
down 2lbs from last week & down 68lbs in total

I love being home!  I lost those 2lbs before my race - actually, my scale is up AFTER the race.  how is this possible??  actually, hubs was pleased to hear that because he said losing a couple pounds during a big ride is not the thing to do - usually means significant dehydration which is never good.  whatever - I'll just keep repeating to myself that gaining 2lbs during a race is good. really.

 Here are the latest comparison pics (I'm wearing an XS tank & size 8 shorts - both from Eddie Bauer in these pics):

I also took measurements - interesting to note some things keep changing.  All the big losses are behind me but there are still improvements. :)