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Monday, August 8, 2011


Today's weigh-in: 161.2
down 1lb from last week

I'm sitting at the airport waiting to catch a flight out to the Bay Area.  I'll be there most of the week for an industry conference.  I am not speaking but I do have a lot of meetings scheduled.  My company was asked to deliver the keynote speech.  I am not giving the speech but I did write it once we found somebody with a big enough title.  Should be an interesting week but this is easy work - no stress.  I heading in a day early to spend time in the Santa Clara offices.  I have some staff there that I hope to take to lunch today.

This trip is well timed.  My husband & I are getting on each others nerves!  We went up to the mountains this weekend so he could ride in the Copper Triangle.  He did very well but the steepest, longest climb is right at the end of the 78-mile course & I think it really kicked his butt.  Sunday we went out to Glenwood Springs to enjoy the wonderful hot springs & then caught Keb' Mo' playing at the Botanical Gardens.  It should have been a wonderful day but we spent most of it sniping at each other.  ugh.  Then this morning, he helped carry out my bags to the car (which he does most every morning) and planted a long & truly masterful kiss on me.  damn that man!!! now I have to deal with THAT until I get home Thursday.  sheesh.



MandaPanda said...'s good that you didn't leave annoyed! And congrats on the loss!

Ronnie said...

MEN! lol

Only two more days. :)