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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Two days into my new responsibilities at work & I already blew my workout schedule.

I blogged recently about a new role I'm taking on at the office & wondered how it would impact my ability to take care of me.  Yesterday, I found out.  My big bike race is coming up this Sunday & I want to rest the few days before the race which means I need to hit the gym at the *beginning* of this week.

Monday morning my boss sent out the announcement of the re-org & it has been chaos since then.  I made it to the gym Monday & had plans on hitting a spin class last night.  But, then, work happened.  Meetings all day & needed to catch up with some folks who are in town so more meetings.  Then a couple of us went to grab some drinks to continue the conversation.  out goes any hope of making to the gym.

Plus I'm now post period & SUPER tight.  I can barely eat.  just had a glass of red wine last night.  When I finally got home, I had a bowl of cereal (Kashi Go Lean Crunch w/ lite soy milk. yum!!! lots of protein).  Or I should say...I tried to eat.  A couple of bites & then it all came up.  ugh.

its only mid-day & I still have high hopes for today.  My gym bag is in the car & I'm trying to keep my afternoon clear enough to escape this place. wish me luck......



Ronnie said...

Good luck!

MandaPanda said...

Ugh...I'm sure the stress isn't helping the band tightness either. Hang in there!