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Thursday, August 11, 2011

End of my ME Year

Well, its official.  I think today marks the end of my "Me"  year.  I was banded in December & the plan was to step back from work in order to dedicate more time to me.  Lose weight, get healthy, leave work early to hit the gym, clear my head & figure out what I want in my 40s.  Kind of a mini mid-life crisis without the corvette or 20-year-old boy toy.  At the very beginning, it was a little hard to dial down at work, leave all those emails unread, phone calls unreturned & not always angling for some new project.  But I got into the groove & got better at leaving work at work.   It was nice....and now its over.

A little work background....I am a director of product management at a major IT company.  This basically means I run a global business and am responsible for P&L for a portfolio of products.  The company I was working for was acquired about a year & half ago and I have stayed on with the new company.  At the old company, I owned a very large portfolio & the business generated well over $1B a year in revenue.  At the time of the acquisition, my boss knew my portfolio would not find a home in the new company & so he moved me into a new assignment.  I LOVED my new assignment - it was working on emerging technology & building a whole new business from scratch rather managing an existing one.  I had a pretty small staff, cool technology & carte blanche to get out of my silo & work with anybody across the entire organization.  Overall, the business is small but its the fastest growing product line in my division.  A few weeks ago my boss held a huge all-hands meeting & he singled out my portfolio for best marketing.  Nice kudos.

Soon after these very public accolades, he followed up with a HUGE bonus.  Big money & big stock.  I'm lucky to have a good boss (& he's lucky to have me because I make him look sooooo good)   For a few days there, I was feeling pretty good.  Success & recognition at work.  Big $$$ in the bank. Cool, fun portfolio.  And balance.  I could have all this without sinking every waking hour into the office.

But I think that ended today.  A few weeks ago, my company acquired another company.  Today my boss announced the new org structure & I picked up a lot of responsibility.  I am going to keep what I have, pick up the newly acquired company and pull back in the remnants of my old portfolio.  This acquisition was personally driven by my CEO & he will be keeping tabs on how the integration goes.  The new company is extremely small but the execs have high expectations.  The hot mess of stuff I have now needs to be multi-billion dollars in just a few years. 

I know what needs to be done to get there but I also know how much time, effort & work it'll take to do it.  I know that this new assignment is a reward for past successes.  I know that high profile is good for my career & this role could propel me into the executive ranks (if I'm successful).  I know I am grateful for yet another amazing opportunity.

But it feels like the ability to leave the office at 5pm for Kickboxing just flew out the window.  How do I do this & still be good to me?  That's a skill I haven't mastered yet...



MandaPanda said...

First, congratulations! It sounds like your hard work and talent is paying off. That's definitely a good thing.

I think it's so important to have balance in your life. Perhaps, move more to the weekends? Or get a workout in before work (I'm not a fan of early morning workouts but it works for a lot of people). Maybe read emails while on an elliptical or treadmill? I'm sure you can find a way to make it work. Good luck!

Ronnie said...

You'll find the time, don't worry! Maybe kickboxing can be done during lunch hour? :)