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Monday, August 22, 2011

Can I get a woot-woot?

Today's weigh-in: 159.6lbs
down about 3.5lbs from last week.  WOOT!!!!

Finally, finally, finally in the 150s :) I was in the 160s for over 2 months.  sheesh!!!  on one hand, it seems so slow but then that still averages out to be 5lb loss per month.  Really, not too bad.  get over yourself!

Looking back in myfitnesspal, I'm starting to notice some interesting trends - especially around my period.  I gain right before TOM & then a big drop during the week my period is here and then more or less steady the rest of the time.  sort of a one step back, 2 steps forward kinda thing.  interesting to notice my own patterns.

I also get super-snacky right before my period & the band goes wonky.  Sometimes super tight; sometimes way too open.  guess I just gotta ride out these fluctuations.....Given my super-girl-snackiness last week, I went on the hunt for some better choices.  Hitting up the vending machines is always a poor choice plus I'm burned out on protein bars & wanted something lower in calories than the typical Clif bar.  So I made these Power Cookie from the 17-day diet on Saturday.  After reading some reviews, I made a few changes...upped applesauce to 1/2c, swapped dried cranberries for cherries & added 1/2 c dark chocolate chips.  All in all, each cookie is only about 150 calories & they are quite good.  These days I pay a lot more attention to serving sizes & so I made exactly 18 cookies the recipe called for & they are good-sized.  No two-bite nibbles here.  totally worked on my snack attack, too!  You should give them a try....

Saturday I went for another bike ride - this time it was about pace.  My goal was to keep my heart rate up around 85% of max for an extended period of time & see how far I could get.  In two hours, I rode about 30miles & burned about 1300 calories.  not too bad!  just gotta keep the pedals pumping :).  Last Thursday I went out & rode the climb that is in the race.  It was pretty gentle but long.  my ass was definitely feeling the last two miles.   It took me over an hour to ride up but only 10min to race down.  The plan for this week is to do a couple spin classes early in the week & then rest the three days before the race.

This week's menu is all planned out:
Sunday (last night): Chile Crusted Scallops with Cucumber Salad  it was meh.  not a repeater
Tonight: Bourbon Smoked Chicken with grilled corn on the cob.  I set the chicken to brine this morning. Hubs should turning the bird every couple hours & he is going to smoke it tonight while I'm at the gym.  I'm expecting plenty of good leftovers for lunch :)
Tuesday: Steaks with Pebre Sauce & Avocado with broccoli
Wed: Baja Chicken with Avocado Crema perennial favorite & super easy to prep.  Plus Cumin Carrots cook in the same time & same temp as the chicken
Thursday: Thyme & Sesame Crusted Halibut

Looking forward to a good week!

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Ronnie said...

I've noticed a similar pattern myself, with my band looseness and hunger levels. Strange how our hormones affect these bands of ours.

Great loss this week, and great burn on the bike ride!