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Monday, November 14, 2011

Two steps forward, one step back

Monday's weigh-in: 151.2lbs
up 3lbs (yes, 3!) from last week.

can you say "backslide"?  last week was full of poor choices.
too many meals eating out? not enough time in the gym? a heaping dose of self-sabotage? check, check and check!

seriously, I think I was a bit spooked by hitting my final decade last week.  A very good friend of mine has noted that I am a "project" person.  I like to have a project or goal I am working towards.  But that means when I get close to finishing a project I get a little weird. what to do next??  This weigh-loss thing has happened both slower & faster than I ever thought.  I never expected to be this close to goal - how could I expect it?  I've always failed at this particular project in the past.

I guess I need a new goal.  suggestions?



Ronnie said...

I know a gal who's doing a new push-up challenge, it helps build up your muscles so you can do 100 consecutive ones? Maybe not an awesome one to start, but there are all sorts of exercise related ones you could do. I could research for ya if you'd like. :)

MandaPanda said...

I find physical challenges to be pretty helpful for me...a marathon, climb, run, hike, etc. Also, maybe just a different project that you're healthy...a volunteer opportunity, a new hobby (scrapbooking, golf, volleyball league, jewelery making)... something that you're not already good at and need to learn. Maybe a pottery or healthy cooking class?