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Sunday, February 12, 2012

This does not suck

Sorry no posts last week - I was on the road most of the week.  I left last Sunday for Bay Area & then went down to southern Cali for a few days.  All in all, good business and productive meetings.

Ate better than recent trip to NYC/Boston but still not as good as when I'm home.

However, travel does have some perks!  Thursday morning I found myself with a bit of spare time & only 15minutes from the beach so I decided to take advantage of the situation.  :)  I did a 5mile run along the water in Newport Beach.  It was sunny & stunningly beautiful....and oh so warm.  Definitely a nice change of scenery since I've had nearly 2ft of snow at my house in Denver.  brr!

This the longest run I've done to date & I felt great!  Not my fastest pace but I still finished in under an hour.  Perhaps there is a 10k in my future....

Having a body that is capable of physical feats still amazes me.   It does not suck.



Anonymous said...

Looks like a truly beautiful place to run.

TheJuliaNelson said...

Glad you enjoyed our SoCal weather. I love Newport.

Andrea said...

Glad you got to enjoy the beach and good job on the run!

Ronnie said...

It sure doesn't seem like it sucks, either! Glad you had a good trip and were able to enjoy some nice weather. :)

MandaPanda said...

It certainly doesn't suck! Even that shadow is skinny!