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Monday, February 20, 2012

quick check-in

today's weight: 146.0lbs
weeks of maintenance: 5

just a quick check-in today.  I'm sick!!!  I think my tight band last week was more about this cold coming on than TOM.  This is my first illness since getting banded.  verdict?  it sucks.  I admit that I am not a good patient & don't the patience to be ill.  I was curled up in bed all day Friday & still feel like crap today. This has settled into an upper respiratory/sore throat/cough kind of thing.  I'm most annoyed that its keeping me from working out - didn't do a dang thing all weekend.  yikes!  I'm going to try to do kickbox tonight....we'll see how it goes.

Hubs & I did our Valentines Day thing on Saturday.  Got a babysitter & went out like adults.  Pre-dinner drinks, dinner & post-dinner cocktails (all mixed with a heavy dose of Dayquil).  It was nice to be out & about.  I hope we start doing this more often.  I got dressed up in a great red dress & bought some hot lingerie from Agent Provocateur.  me-ow!!! my outfit also included something new - stayup stockings.  ever tried these?  I loved them!  they actually stayed up & didn't cut off the blood supply to my legs.  all in all, I think my man was quite pleased and I felt super sexy :)

quick update for my friend whose dad had a heart attack while visiting out in California.  Thursday nite I got plane tix for her to spend the weekend with him.  As an added bonus, she had a 3hour layover in Denver on Saturday so I went out to the airport to meet up with her. 

have a great week!!!

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MandaPanda said...

So glad you were able to help your friend. Sounds like a fantastic VDay celebration and I hope you feel better soon.