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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sp.a.nx. review - a la LBG

I'm riffing off a recent post from the fabulous LapBandGal where she reviews a Sp.a.nx cami here.  I have a similar piece of shapewear & love it - looks great under a cashmere sweater & I'm glad I can wear my own bras.

My ass has not fared well in this journey - its flat & flabby.  I need scaffolding to lift it up about 4inches.  Enter the Sp.a.nx B.o.o.ty B.o.o.ster.  Its like regular shapewear - with a twist.  There are pockets on each cheek that hold a "butt-let".  Similar to a push-up bra but for your butt.  seriously.  Here are some pics...

the "butt-let"

Here it is under a pair of work pants (these are size 6 "Martin" fit from Banana.Republic)
with boot booster
no booty booster

with booty booster

no booty booster

What do you think?
Frankly, I'm not sold.



Sarah said...

It really depends on how you want your bum to look. You don't need it from the shape wear inch loss perspective; you're tiny and it's not moulding lines in any particular way to be of benefit. However if you want a round lifted booty style bum. They definately work.They just give you that extra little bit of a curve. What are they like to sit in?

Reggie said...

I am more interested in your size 6 pants and biceps, lol! You look great Chloe!
I think the buttlets (chuckle) look fine.

Ronnie said...

I need some of those... lol My ass has not held up spectacularly, either.