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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I see the light & the double cross

Monday's weigh-in: 146.8lbs
weeks of maintenance: 6

I feel SO much better after my unfill.  No heartburn (especially at night. yeah!) and no pbing. Haven't popped Gas-x in a week.  At first, I think my belly was pretty irritated because I could only tolerate mushies after the unfill but its been slowly getting better.   I ate a steak on Sunday.  First time that has happened in a long while.  I've also been feeling better during my long workouts - no longer getting dizzy during a 2hr gym session or needing to eat between kickbox & chisel. 

Of course, I'm starting to get hungrier & I can consume more than I used to.  The trick is learning to balance it all, eh? 

I ran both days this weekend - 3miles on Saturday & 5.2miles on Sunday.  I also had a watsu massage on Saturday.  Its where the massage is done in water - it was the first time I'd ever tried anything like it.  (Hello, Groupon!)  It was very zen & peaceful but I think I'll stick to the usual deep tissue massage to really work the kinks out.  However, I think its something that might be good for my daughter - she has pretty severe scoliosis and sitting in wheelchair all day does not help her back much.

A few new NSVs to report.....first - my thighs no longer rub together.  I noticed this while running over weekend.  I can see the light between my thighs.  its a miracle!

Second - I can sit with my knees crossed & my ankles the same time.  I've always wanted to do this but have never been able to.  Until now.  :)



Reggie said...

Congrats on your NSVs!

MandaPanda said...

Fantastic NSV's! Never heard of that kind of massage before...might check that out. Glad you're feeling better after your unfill.

Ronnie said...

Sweet NSV's! I wonder if I'll ever be able to cross my legs AND ankles. Fabulous. :)