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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weigh-in & Protein shake reviews

Yesterday was my weekly weigh-in: -0.8lbs.
another loss - yeah!  yet it seems so slight after those heady days post-op. dumb to think that tho'!  I am grateful for another losing week.  I am beginning to up the exercise - taking the dog for a walk around the lake, hiking with friends in the foothills, etc.  All lovely but I really want to get back to yoga.

This seems like a great time to do a little protein product review.  Disclaimer:  I have no past experience with protein shakes or powders.  Consider this the sole opinions of one protein virgin.  I had no pre-op diet so all my experiences are post-op (which I've heard can affect one's taste buds).  Tubs of protein powder can be very pricey so before buying a big vat of something I wanted to make sure that I'd actually like it so I'm taking the "sample far & wide" approach - these are my notes.

I initially ordered the Sample Kit from Bariatric Eating & whole bunch of random samples from VitaLady.  I mixed everything with 6-8oz water & occasionally ice in my Magic Bullet.  

Sample Kit: easy, one price kit 
         Good:  nice mix of powders, RTD & vitamins plus her book.  I liked the book the best!  I've tried several of her recipes & they were all really good.  Definitely a winner.  I also liked the different supplement samples.  Settled on the Vitaband Mixed Berry.  Its chewable & a bit chalky but no fears about getting stuck on a pill.

         Bad:  did not like *any* of the powders.  Inspire Dutch Choc Cake was ok but not good enough to order a whole vat.  Caramel Latte was also ok but I'm not a coffee drinker so that's out.  The rest were just icky.  The ready-to-drink bottles were passable but had a strange aftertaste I don't get with the powders.  Not my favorite but I can see where it could be convenient.  I plan on ordering powders online but I really don't want to pay for shipping liquids so I'll just be sampling locally available RTDs.  Look for reviews later.

Vitalady:  offers 1 scoop samples on everything she carries.  So many choices can be daunting! I ordered a mix of choc, vanilla plus some fruit flavors.
         Good:  absolute fav was BSN Syntha-6 Chocolate.   mmmm!  not the best numbers: 200 cals/15gr carbs/22gr protein but so oh good with just water. no extras required.  I also liked IDS Multi-pro Belgian Choc.  good numbers: 125cal/5gr carb/24gr protein.  Another keeper is her "Special Combo or Mixing Warm or Cold" with half Champion Pure Whey Choc & half IDS Vanilla Cinnamon.  I added hot water & whipped cream.  it was fantastic!!!!
         Bad:  did not like any of the fruit flavors. 4 Ever Fit - Lemon Iced Tea, Strawberry Kiwi, Cranrazz are all OUT!  Also not a fan of Lean Dessert Cinnamon Roll, ISO Pure Creamy Vanilla, All Max All Whey Choc or Champion Pure Whey Strawberry.

From this sampling, I can tell I don't like any of the fruit or specialty flavors.  I'll just stick to the basics.  I  did order a vat of Syntha-6 Choc & IDS Belgian Choc plus a bunch of special combo packets and whole new round of samples.  More reviews to come....

While I am waiting for my order to arrive, I did pick up a vat of Jay Robb vanilla protein at the grocery store.  Its an ok base - right now I am mixing it with 2/3c light soy milk & 1/3c frozen berries.  Nice way to start my day!


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Julie said...

Costco has Premier Protein Shakes with 30g of protein and 160cals. They are ready to drink and are the best tasting I've found. My Costco only has the chocolate but I think they come in vanilla also.