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Thursday, January 20, 2011

1 Month Band-iversary!

One month ago today I got banded.  Doesn't sound like much time at all but surgery day already feels like ancient history.  I can certainly see the changes - I was 206.4 at my weigh-in this morning.  That's 19lbs lost in just one month.  :)  I took my jeans off last night without having to unbutton or unzip them - they just slide off over my butt.  !big grin!

The funny thing is that my husband doesn't think this weight loss has anything to do with the band itself. He sees it as a result of changing eating & exercising habits.  He's probably right.  I'm really trying to use this time between surgery & fill as a "bootcamp" to adjust to this new tool.  Being a newbie, I'm following the rules - no bread/pasta/rice, no carbonated or high calorie liquids, lots of protein & water, eating 5 small meals, etc.

My food choices have undergone *major* changes.  Here's what I'm eating now:
              Breakfast(8am):  protein shake with 2/3c light soy milk & 1/3c frozen berries
              Snack(10:30am):  greek yogurt with honey.  my fav is plain Oikos because I get 4packs of 4oz cups - easy to throw in my lunch bag

I know the morning routine sounds boring but its easy & doesn't require much thought - perfect for me in the a.m.  And way better than stopping at McD's or grabbing a huge breakfast burrito at work which is what  I used to do.

              Lunch (1:30pm) is leftovers.  I used to go out everyday for lunch. not anymore
              Snack (4:30pm):  string cheese, apple with peanut butter, etc
              Dinner (7:30-8): now requires thought.  I am now doing a lot of meal planning & cooking.  Last night I made Baja Chicken with Avocado Crema recipe from the Bariatric Eating lady with Cumin Carrots.  Both cook at the same temperature for the same time with super easy prep.  It was a HUGE hit!!! DH declared it the best meal yet - this one will definitely enter the family rotation.

Yesterday's calories only added up to about 775 so I had a glass of soy milk (with Benefiber) before I went to bed....after watching "I Used to Be Fat" on MTV.  just file that one under guilty pleasure.

Unfortunately, I was counting on having leftovers for lunch but it didn't work out that way so I'm eating this for lunch today: Turkey Wrap with Lentils.  One wrap is surprisingly filling & the lentils were leftover from Tuesday night's dinner of Eggs over Warm Lentil Salad.  I totally loved this meal - not my husband's cup o' tea but absolutely a new comfort food for me.  Next time, I'll tweak it a bit - lower lentil to veggie ratio & wilt the spinach.  yum!

Happy band-iversary to me!

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