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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1st dinner out!

A major milestone for me.   A key part of my work is dinner/drinks with various muckety-mucks.  Last nite was my first corporate dinner out since I've been banded & I think I did very well.  No alcohol (rather unusual for me & probably won't last), no appetizers and ordered the pan-seared scallops with a few green beans.  It was a rather low-pressure environment because the dinner was with my staff rather than with the big bosses but still - another challenge faced.  Tonight is the dinner with some bosses - let's see how it goes.

One thing I do think the band in conjunction with a high protein/low carb/low sugar diet has done for me is take edge off my hunger.  Now that I'm back to solids, I'm averaging about 1100 calories/day but I never feel deprived or get the munchies.  It's a nice, new feeling.

I'm really starting to notice how different my clothes fit.  I had a custom-tailored suit made in Hong Kong last summer.  I carry my weight in my ass, thighs & boobs (rather than belly) & a completely custom suit enables me to get a fantastic close fit even in this body.  Well, I tried the pants on & they are definitely baggy.  Gonna have to arrange another trip to Asia so I can get it altered.....!


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