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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tales from the road

Ok, so traveling is hard.  sigh.
Travel is a big part of my job.  Most of my trips last year were international & long; 2-3+ weeks in Asia, Europe, South America each.  Its critical for me to learn to manage this lifestyle on the road.

So I am currently on my first trip since surgery.  Just a short trial run out to the Bay Area for a few days.  I was up yesterday at 3:30am to make a 6am flight then I was in meetings pretty much all day up until the exec dinner last night.  At a steakhouse - always at a steakhouse.  Finally got to hotel around 10pm & up doing emails til midnight.  Today: rinse & repeat.  Tomorrow: rinse, repeat & fly home in the afternoon.

Needless to say, yesterday was not a typical foodie day for me.  I did manage to still track calories & I came in around 1600 for the day.  That is most I have consumed since banding over 5 weeks ago.   On one hand seems like so much but I know it was waaaaay less than what I consumed just a few short weeks ago.

I focused on getting protein:  sausage omelet for breakfast, disassembled the chicken sandwich at lunch & just ate the meat, passed over the brownies in favor of a handle of nuts in the afternoon and then just steak without any of the evil side like mashed potatoes & onion sides.  My first red meat - it was dense.

A few other tricks for this trip:  I packed a couple servings of my most favorite protein powder that I can mix up in my room.  Did that this morning - worked well.  I packed my vitamins - that's gone well.  Brought a water bottle - thats working, too.  I also packed my new, shining ASICS & some workout gear.  i booked a hotel with a gym & plan on some treadmill time this afternoon before dinner.

What's not working:  no snacks - so hard to nosh every 3 hours which means I'm starving at meal time.  Any suggestions on working around that one?

Time to sign-off.  I'm going to go grab some sushi & then head out to my next meeting. sigh.


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