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Monday, February 28, 2011

Unfill & New Bra

Weigh-in: 193.6lbs
down 0.8lbs from last week.
also, this marks 40% towards goal.

Given the week I had, I'm happy to end up with a loss - even if its a tiny one!  Getting stuck & constantly PBing was no fun.  Of course, I went looking for foods that would not irritate the band.....hello creme brulee & mashed potatoes!  I know, I know, I know - not the best (but soooo yummy).   I guess I just survived a serious over-restriction situation.  It was strange - I was very hungry even tho' I kept shoveling mushies into my piehole.  Live & learn.  Don't want to do that again & I just don't want to be that miserable.

I was able to get an unfill this morning - she only took out .25ccs (for a total of 6.75ccs now).  I've heard small adjustments make a huge difference so hopefully this is enough so I can start eating again :)  Thankfully, I'm not traveling til middle of March (when I go to Europe for a few weeks) & will be close to home if any more adjustments are needed.

My closet is NOT this organized!
On a brighter note, I did a serious closet purge last night.  ooo, it felt so good.   I have a very tiny closet & I was shocked that 5 huge trash bags of too-big clothes came out of such a small space.  Yep, you heard me - 5 bags of clothes that are toooooo big.  I tried on every pair of pants before throwing them in the discard pile.  It was just shocking how much extra room there was - even in those pants that used to feel tight.  Amazing.  I did save one pair of Jared pants but, as for the rest, I'll never go back to that size again.  Even with this purge, I think I'm set for jeans, sweaters & casual shirts for awhile.  Only my nice work wear options took a serious beating.   Will have to correct that before the pending Europe trip but I'll wait a few more weeks.

Finally, I bought a new bra.  I have huge boobs & proper bra fit is really important to me but the old bra was just too big.  I was a 38DD but this time I'm down to a D cup.  yeah!  I even tried on a few C cups - not quite but really not that far away either.  I would love to be a small C cup - big boobs are really more trouble than they are worth.  As my boobs have shrunk they are definitely deflated & pancakety - I see a boob lift in my future!


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