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Monday, March 7, 2011

Feeling good!

today's weigh-in: 190.2lbs
down 3.4lbs from last week

I am sooo close to halfway point - I can practically smell it!  I was looking at my ticker today & my little flower is almost halfway.  Its surreal.  It doesn't really register that its me.

Last week's unfill has been great.  I am not miserable like I was before but I can still feel it if I consume too much.  I made soup yesterday & when I got to about a cup I could feel my belly filling it.  Time to stop eating - simple!  Also, I'm not really hungry.  This is a gift - I'm not constantly thinking about my next meal.

As much as I love the band, I realize that I am doing all the work - not the band.  I'm planning meals, making good food choices & going to the gym.

Here is a typical weekly workout:
Sunday: 1hr spin + 1hr Chisel (Chisel is a sculpting/strength training class.  Low weights, lots of reps)
Monday: 1hr kickbox + 1hr chisel
Tuesday: rest
Wed: 1hr kickbox + 1hr chisel
Thurs: 1hr Zumba
Fri: 1hr Chisel + maybe some yoga or swim laps
Sat: rest

I've been doing this schedule now for about 4 weeks & I totally see a difference. My arms, abs, butt & legs are definitely toning up.  I have never been a gym person in my life so this is quite a change.  My biggest worry moving into an exercise routine was getting injured.  I feel like I'm in the groove now & don't want to get derailed.  My workouts are all pretty low-impact.  No bouncing around or step aerobics for me.  

Kickboxing & weights just make me feel strong.  It all makes me feel good.


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