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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bigger Loser Addict & NSVs

me: hi, my name is Chloe & I am a Biggest Loser addict
you:  hello, Chloe.  Welcome to the group.

I have never, ever watched this show - til now.  And now, I can't stop. More than that, I get all blubbery watching it!  This is sooo not me.  I am definitely not a "crier"   But on the show last night, Cara the trainer was doing this thing where she'd push people down, make them get up & scream "I'm a fighter."  over & over again.  As the people got more tired, the screams became more primal & for some it seemed to hit a core spot deep inside.  Just watching it I was getting all weepy & teary-eyed.   I wonder - am I a fighter, too?

A nice NSV to report.....I was at the mall last night with the hubs ('cause he needed new jeans - he's started going to the gym, too, & I want him to show off his new booty!).  I stopped in "THAT" store.  You know - THAT store....the one you always windowshop but never walk in because you know everything in there is too cute & too small to fit?  For me, THAT store is Anthropologie.   Great casual, fun, flirty & feminine clothes.  Not boring like Eddie Bauer.  I actually went in last night & tried on a couple things.  Not really expecting anything to fit but rather to get a sense of how close I might be.  Well, sisters, let me tell ya - I'm there!  I walked out with a shirt - in MEDIUM!!!!!  wowser for me.  Can't wait to wear it - a lot - & wear a smile every time I put it on.  NSV, ladies, NSV

One final story from a day in the life - my husband got stuck last night!  No, he's not a bandster - he just ate too fast & it got stuck in his throat.  He tried walking around, spitting it up, drinking fluids but nothing worked - it was just stuck.  He even slimed!  Eventually, he did get it down but I told him thats what a band feels like.   hahahaha

Shame about him getting stuck, tho', since I made a great dinner last night.  Steak au poivre from America's Test Kitchen.   Steak is a pretty dense protein, so it was big deal for me to try it.  I think the hubs ate too fast because he was so excited to have something other than chicken!  I'm happy to report I did pretty well with it.  I did buy really tender cut of meat & it was cut rather than thin.  I had to eat really slowly (which has been a challenge for me), chew really well (again, challenging) and put down utensils between bites to keep a slow place.  In the end, I did eat about 4oz plus about 1/3c roasted carrots.  Feels like I'm learning this banded lifestyle....


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