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Monday, March 14, 2011

Another weigh-in

It's Monday again so you know what that means....
today's weigh-in: 188.4lbs
down 1.8lbs since last week

Not big numbers but still going in the right direction.  Not really surprised given my household is little topsy-turvy from the typical "Leave it to Beaver" American household.   See, I'm Ward & my hubs is June.  I work & he is a stay-at-home dad which means he handles the vast majority of kid-related duties.  Except this weekend.  This weekend he went home to KC for some manly time with his dad & brother.  So I was left alone all weekend with the kid.  All by myself - just her & I.  This is a very rare occurrence.   I am happy to report that we both survived - we went shopping, got her hair cut, went out to eat, etc but I did not really get my sweat on.

Oh, well, back to the gym tonight.
Drs appt scheduled for tomorrow - I'm thinking I'll get a small fill.  I had a couple great days of restriction in the last 2 weeks but I am able to eat more & more plus hunger has started to creep back in.   Just a small one....


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