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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back in the Country

I'm back in the country after being in Munich all week for business.  Ah, of beer, schnitzel & big, doughy pretzels.  I'm sure tomorrow's weigh-in will not be pretty.

I flew out last Sunday but I did weigh-in before I left.  185.8lbs.  This is a huge milestone for me - 40lbs!  Halfway at 3 month bandiversary!  Fleeting as I'm sure it was - this is still a huge accomplishment for me.

And the hits keep on coming....I had to refresh my work wardrobe before this trip.  A fabulous suit is absolutely crucial for my job & I got a great one late last week.  The jacket was a size 12 - fit perfectly and even buttoned around my boobs.  That never used to happen!  Even better, the pants were size 10.  I originally grabbed size 14 & 12 but the waist on the size 12s was just too huge.  I'll admit the size 10 are a bit snug across my thighs but they fit nicely through waist & butt.  Besides, in 5lbs, they will be ideal.

More than sizes, my tastes are changing, too.  Usually, I would choose a dark suit with a brightly colored shirt underneath.  "Black is sliming" and all that plus a garish color to draw attention up (very What Not to Wear).  But this time, I went for a light colored suit (in a lighter weight fabric for spring) with a nude colored shirt underneath - all in all, it felt very fashionable.  Nice change

But wait - there's more!  I even bought a dress.  shocking!! Calvin Klein so its very professional with sleek details.  Light grey in color & I picked up some gorgeous camel stacked heels.  I surprised myself & wore the dress to the first day of the conference.  Now that I have a jaw line (this is new), I wore my hair up in a messy bun with larger gold hoops.  I felt so put-together.  Well-styled.  Classic.  Dare I say - even pretty?

Right before I left, I went in for my last free visit with the doc.  Got just a smidge of a fill - 0.125 ccs.  I'm surprised how much impact altitude seems to have on my band.   Close to sea level in Munich I could eat all kinds of breads - pretzels, croissants, etc.  All sorts of things that have been no-go living in Denver.  And the minute I got off the plane back home....all those things are out the window again!


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