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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sorry for delayed post!

Sorry I didn't post last week.  I was traveling again.  Only the Bay Area this time but gone for the entire week for an industry conference and endless meetings.

Let's do a quick catch up...
last Monday (4/4) weigh-in 183.0
today's weigh-in: 180.4lbs

woo-hoo!! Looks like I really did bust through my plateau at 185.  I tried eating a bit more (up to 1400-1500 calories/day vs 1100-1200 now) for a few days and changed up the workout routine a bit.   I substituted a Pilates Mat class for Chisel and added an extra cardio class.  Guess it worked & I'm losing again :)

On the band front, last week was tough with me PBing almost every day.  PB on easy things - sashimi, water gulped too fast, etc.  My band felt soooo tight & I just didn't get it - especially after the Germany trip when I was eating bread, pasta & pretty much anything in sight.  And period showed up on Thursday.  aha!  The reappearance of my period is still rather novel to me & not yet on any sort of regular schedule.   I have to remind myself I'm only into this about 3 months and still really have a lot to learn about this band......Also, not sure if its the right approach but I would rather PB quickly & get it over with than being stuck & in misery for hours.  I'm sure the better choice would be to avoid these episodes altogether but, like I said, I'm still learning!

It's my bday this momth & the gifts are starting to roll in.  I got a new toy last night: a heart rate monitor & I'm so excited! Here's pic of my new Polar FT7.  Gorgeous!
It'll track heart rate (duh!) during my workouts so I know I'm training right plus it'll show calories burned.  Right now, I'm just using calories estimates in MyFitnessPal.  It'll be great to have a more accurate count (altho' I'm a little afraid I've been overcounting....)  I'm gonna break it in tonight during Kickboxing & Pilates.  I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm down 45lbs now & definitely am having body image issues.  At first, it felt like all the biggest parts of me - boobs, arms, ass - were shrinking fast.  Those bits appeared "small" (relatively speaking) to me.  But during the plateau, its feels like my body shifted and those bits now seem huge again.  Did my boobs grow??? DH would say hell no! I'm wearing a cute button-down shirt today in medium.  It fits great across the waist, shoulders, upper arms...everywhere except the boobs.  ugh. sigh.  Maybe it just proportion thing - boobs, arms, ass are smaller but still relatively larger than the rest of my frame.  Dunno but I know its messing with my head.

Other times I feel skinny.  I was heading out the door yesterday morning for Spin class.  I was wearing bike shorts & standard workout tank.  In profile, I felt * thin*   When I walked in the tv room, I could tell my hubs was really looking at me.  Not just a glance but really seeing me.  He is always so supportive.  He said I've been doing great and that this process has completely changed the way I look.

Like I said, its messing with my head!


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Single & Banded said...

Hi Chloe,
I saw on an older post that you listed 16 things you want from your lap band surgery and one caught my eye. I have PCOS (no periods without the help of birth control) and I'm getting banded the first week May...I was wondering if you have it also and/or have your periods return since you've lost weight.

Thanks :)