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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy bday to me!

Last Wednesday was my bday.  I turned 39. sigh.  More on this in a bit...

Monday morning stats (it ain't pretty)
weigh-in: 180.8lbs
up 1b from last week.  my first gain in this journey - at least this time I noticed!
I'll admit that I've lost a bit of focus in the last week or two...snacking, adding back carbs, not enough exercise, not enough water.....guess I need to jump back on the band wagon.

My bday was also my 4-month bandiversary so here are pics & measurements:

12/20/10 - start

4/20/11 - down 45lbs

12/20/10 - start
4/20/11 - down 45 lbs

 I see the most difference on the side shots - maybe because I don't spend a whole lot of time staring at my ass.  These pants are also way loose - still too afraid of skin tight anything.  These pics help remind me that I am making progress....but I also have more to go!  I am so off to the gym tonight.

I'm also taking measurements every other month.  For any newbies out there - I know pics & measurements are hard in the beginning but I highly recommend doing it!  Look at this success!

                         12/18/10               2/20/11               4/20/11
wrist                     6.5"                     6.25"                   6.0"
forearm                11.75"                 11.0"                  10.5"
upper arm            14.0"                   13.0"                  12.75"
ankle                     9.5"                     9.0"                    8.75"

calf                       18.5"                  16.75"                 16.0" 
upper thigh          28.0"                    23.5"                  23.25"
neck                    15.75"                  14.5"                  14.0"  
boobs                   44.0"                   41.0"                  39.5"
just below boobs  38.5"                   36.0"                  34.0"
waist                    39.0"                    34.0"                  32.5"
belly button          44.5"                    35.0"                  34.0"
hips                      48.5"                    41.5"                  40.5"
butt                      49.0"                     44.0"                  42.0"  

So, I'm another year older.  I did have a fantastic bday!  I played hooky from work so I could spend the entire day hanging out with the hubs.  He really is my favorite person in the whole world.  Gross - I know!  I travel so much that I just cherish the little moments with him.  We golfed in the morning (it was freezing!!! I was wrapped up in a blanket in the golf cart).  We both totally suck - even after lessons last year - but its still always fun.  Went for some hot chocolate to warm up & then played cards for a few hours til the kid came home from school.   I always work late (or now, at the gym late) so I wanted to go to a happy hour.  It may not sound like much but it was a treat for me to hang out at a local pub, have a few drinks, eat dinner & still be home around 8pm.


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Miss Mary said...

Your pictures show an amazing change. Found you on Lap Band Talk :)