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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pics - OMG!!!!


Well, its my 2-month band-iversary & there is sooooo much to catch up on!

First, its Monday which means official weigh-in-
today's weigh-in: 194.4lbs
down 4lbs from last week & down 31lbs since surgery!!! yahoo

Next - check out those pics!!!  Astonishing what a difference 31lbs makes.  Hubs pointed out that my boobs stick our farther than my belly now - uh, thanks, dear.  Actually, DH has been great.  I should do a post on all the great support he has provided me on this journey.  I got a big WOW out of him when he was looking at this pics.  warms my heart.

People are starting to notice at the office.  It feels good.  When someone asks what I'm doing I just say "everything"  - because its so true!  I am tracking my food, going to the gym 5x week, eating lots of protein, drinking lots of water & cutting out bread/pasta/rice/sugar, etc!  Thats all me, baby.

Next, lets look at some measurements.  These numbers really amazed me:
                         12/18/10                          2/20/11                    difference
wrist                     6.5"                               6.25"                     -.25 inches
forearm                11.75"                           11.0"                      -.75 inches
upper arm            14.0"                             13.0"                       -1.0 inches

ankle                     9.5"                               9.0"                       -.5 inches
calf                      18.5"                             16.75"                     -1.75 inches
upper thigh          28.0"                             23.5"                       -4.5 inches

ankle                     9.5"                               9.0"                       -.5 inches
calf                      18.5"                             16.75"                     -1.75 inches
neck                    15.75"                            14.5"                       -1.25 inches

boobs                   44.0"                              41.0"                       -3 inches
just below boobs  38.5"                             36.0"                      -2.5 inches
waist                    39.0"                             34.0"                       -5 inches

belly button          44.5"                             35.0"                      -9.5 inches
hips                      48.5"                             41.5"                      -7 inches
butt                      49.0"                              44.0"                       -5 inches  

Holy cow, people, that's a lot of inches!!!! :)
I really like that calf number - I loved so many boots last fall but could never find a great pair that zipped up over my humongous, beefy calves. I do believe boots will be on my fall shopping list!

Lastly, update on my second fill.  It was a doozy!!  Had my first slime/PB episode Saturday.  uh, gross.  I definitely feel it now.


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