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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Too tight!

My band is waaaaaay too tight.  I'm basically sliming & PBing everything more solid than pudding.   ugh!!!!  This is miserable.

To make matters worse, I'm not even home.  I'm out of town most of this week plus meetings all day Friday so there is no way I can make it down to my drs for unfill.  I have an appt scheduled for next Tuesday am - I'll keep it to do the unfill.  That seems like a long way away.

Let me illustrate - PB'd a chicken soft taco at lunch yesterday.  Had a smoothie at the airport while waiting for my 3-hr delayed flight.  This morning thought to myself "self, its a brand new day!"  Had some eggs & runny oatmeal at the hotel.  Then raced out to jump in my rental & head to the office for a 9am mtg.   Now picture me in a nice work outfit, hair done, make-up just so, fresh breath......and me PBing while stuck in traffic.  For about 30 minutes as I drove up 101.  lovely, no?  Well, at least its a rental........

I did pack some protein powder so I do have something I know I can tolerate.  However, business trips are all about meeting people, grabbing drinks. doing lunch, etc.  There is no way I can eat in front of other people like this.  guess I'll hide out in my hotel tonight.  sigh.


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