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Monday, June 27, 2011

No sweat

Monday weigh-in: 165.4lbs
down 1 lb from last week.

I have a little confession...after last week's triumphant 6-month post, I went a little crazy.  A bit of "last meal fever" hit.  My band has been super loose all month & I had a fill scheduled on Thursday.  Lets just say I'm pleasantly surprised to be down this week!

The fill turned out great!  It's been 3months since I've been to the office & my restriction had flown.  She put in .25ccs & my hunger has disappeared.  I'm full after just a few bites. ah, how I missed this feeling!

Other notable notes...started training for my big bike ride in August.  Hubs & I did a 47mile ride yesterday (only 20 more miles for that race. eek!).  Feeling somewhat battered today but I'm still hitting the gym tonight per my regular schedule.

I.bought.a.bikini.  shocking!!! even more shocking?  I wore it in public this weekend!  Hubs was climbing a mountain on Saturday so my daughter & I went to the pool.  It was a lovely girls' day.  And I survived being seen in a bikini.  :)  Can you say NSV??

Speaking of's another one that sort of crept up on me.  It was hot this weekend in Denver.  I'm not a fan of the heat mostly because I tend to sweat a LOT!  I just realized that something is missing but its not something I miss....PIT STAINS!  I've noticed I'm much less sweaty these days (except in spin class, of course!)  Here's to being high & dry!!!!



Ronnie said...

Wow, that is a long bike ride! And a bikini in public? You brave woman! After having kids, I'm thinking one-piece for me - forever. lol

Congrats on the loss. :)

MandaPanda said...

Great NSV's! Until my tummy tuck, there's no bikini in my future.