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Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Monday & 5 month pics

Yes, indeed, it is another Monday.
Its finally warming up in Denver & I'm having a serious case of summer-itis.  sigh.

today's weigh-in: 169.2lbs
down 0.4lbs from last week
Frankly, after last week's huge loss (plus the ice cream I ate all weekend.  did you know those mini-Blizzards from DQ are 400 calories??!! You do now!) I wasn't expecting any loss.  Actually, this is more than I hoped means that the loss was real.   Not some sort of figment of my imagination or fluke of dehydration.

Rather late but here are some 5-month pics.....

I'm quite pleased how the side shot is coming along & I've even noticed my back fat is finally starting to melt off.  There is even a hint of daylight between my upper thighs.  Now that is progress!

I'm starting to think ahead to vacation.  We're heading up to the mountains for 4th of July with some family.  No big plans - enjoy the outdoors, breathe in the fresh mountain air, hang by the pool......what?? poolside?  ugh!  I need to buy a swim suit. gasp!

Jeans & swim suits.  evil things in our world.  But now that I'm working this new body, I'm wondering if I should (could) try something different.  Definitely not a string bikini - no string is going to provide the miracle of engineering my boobs require - but I'm wondering if there is something else that might work.

Reality is, I have big boobs. still.  probably always will.  In fact, my hubs is convinced when I get to goal that I'll be a stick with boobs.   fabulous!

 After some cruising around online, I wonder if I could pull something like this off without looking totally ridiculous?  I've never worn anything quite all my life & its a little strange to be contemplating it now at 39.    thoughts?


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