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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another milestone!

Monday's weigh-in: 169.6lbs
down 5 lbs from last week.
wow! I'm in the 160s....crazy!

wow!  I didn't hit the gym once last week...crazy!
I realize that weight loss is a math exercise.  Calories out has to be greater than calories in.  It is..but isn't.  In last week's post, I listed all my workouts but had only lost a pound.  I was feeling worn out so took some time off from the gym.  Didn't go once last week!  Calories in were reasonable - around 1200 calories/day.  In fact, eating was a cinch - no snacking & only 3-4 meals/day.  I noticed I was a lot less hungry without all the workouts.

Also, it was almost like I could feel my body composition shift.  I know where the 5lbs came from - my butt.  My ass deflated last week.  I have Hispanic heritage & tend to sport a big, round J-Lo booty.  Not anymore.  My ass is as flat as a 3-day old balloon & looks just as droopy.  The hubs is having a good time making fun of my new flat ass.

The more I do this weight loss thing, the less I understand.  This is a huge loss for me but I wish I knew how to keep it going.  What, specifically, was it that I did that led to this?  I want a repeat.  No, actually, I want a THREE-PEAT!
A couple NSVs to report......
             1. Blood pressure today 100/60.  The nurse said this is really good
             2.  Hubs & I are doing a lot of road biking these days so I finally broke down & bought a bike jersey.  "Spandex" & "skin-tight" are not my friends so I was wary.  I found one I liked - in a medium! Bike jerseys are cut really slim.  I just can't believe I fit into a medium!

I saw my family doc this morning to get blood drawn for upcoming 6mo visit with my surgeon.  I'm really curious to see how the blood work comes back......

Oh yeah, back to the gym this week.

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