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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I WORKED for it!

Monday's weigh-in: 174.6lbs
down 1lb from last week.

Let me tell you what went into that *one* pound...
Monday: 1 hr kickbox, 1 hr Chisel =  989 calories out, 963 calories in
Tuesday: rest, 1114 calories in
Wed: 1 hr kickbox, 1 hr Chisel =  933 calories out, 1100 calories in
Thurs: rest, 978 calories in
Friday: 1hr spin, 1hr Chisel = 918 calories out, 953 calories in
Sat: 4hr bike ride!!!! = 1881 calories out, 1382 calories in (U2 concert in Denver. they rocked!)
Sun: about 5 hrs working in the garden = 800 calories out, 1280 calories in

That's a lot of effort for just 1 measly pound. a bit frustrating.
All the weekend activity coupled with a quick out & back to the Bay Area yesterday (catch an 8am flight, meeting, meeting, meeting, get home at midnight) has left me drained.  I'm feeling quite battered.  Anybody else been in this place?  Suggestions?

I think I'm going to take a little break from the gym.  I'm on kid patrol today & tomorrow so I couldn't make it to the gym anyways but maybe a few days rest is what I need.  Its starting to get nice in Denver & there is a LOT of gardening to do this weekend.


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