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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6 month bandiversary & whole lot data

Well, its finally here - my 6 month bandiversary!  I should warn you that this is going to be a loooooong post - so much to share!  So many changes since getting lapband on 12/20/10.....weight, measurements, labs & best of all - the most amazing NSV ever.  So let's jump on in......

today's weigh-in: 166.4lbs
pre-op weight: 225.4lbs
total lost: 59lbs in 6 months. woot-woot!!!!! happy dance :)

starting size: XL/16 (but should've been wearing 18s)
today's size: Med/10s (the size 10 jeans I'm wearing right now are feeling rather roomy)

I've got one of those fancy scales that measures other things as well:
pre-op fat%: 42%
today's body fat%: 31.4%

pre-op "body" age: 50 years
today's  "body" age: 40 years
I've gained 10 years back.  how cool is that??

pre-op cholesterol: 213 (high)
May's cholesterol: 189 (normal)
pre-op blood pressure: 140/95 "mild hypertensive"
today's blood pressure: 100/60 "athletic"
I find the adjective "athletic" applied to me in any way to be endlessly entertaining but that's what I find when I google this most recent bp reading  :)

I've seen these progression pictures on other blogs & really liked them so I've copied that here.  Do you remember those posters that were popular in the '90s?  If you looked at it one way you saw a big field of red & orange but if you blinked then you saw a bunch of fish or something jump out at you?  That's how I feel when I look at my 6-month pictures.   When I first saw the pics, I just see all the flaws like my back fat & the flesh spilling over my bra & hiding in my pits....but then I blink & I really can't believe that these are pictures of ME!

As great as the pictures are I find the measurements to be absolutely fascinating!  I was really reluctant to get the tape measure out at the beginning but now I am soooo glad I did.  Its so cool to see how my body  shape has changed & the different rate different parts of my body change.  These numbers really do blow me away.  I was quick to lose in my mid-section but the upper arms are just really shrinking now.  Almost  a FOOT off around at my belly button & I've lost over five feet!!!  I've lost almost as many inches around as I am tall.  crazy, my friends.   And what's with losing almost 3 inches from my neck?  My neck! really?  I didn't ever think of my neck as fat but I have the data to prove it......

My journey is told in the numbers & in the pictures above but it can be the littlest thing where our truth shines through.  So after 6months & so many victories, what could possibly rate as my most amazing NSV ever?  There are lots to choose from - skinny jeans, adorable dresses, more energy, feeling stronger, sleeping better, more confidence & brighter smiles.  Nope, it is none of these.

My best ever NSV is this post!!!!  My head was full of all the typical worries as I was going into the OR on that fine December this going to work for me?  can I do it?  will this be yet another failed attempt?  This post is my bestest NSV because I have never, ever stuck to any weight-loss program for this long. I'd usually get bored & frustrated in just a few weeks and quit.  Not this time.  This time it is different.  This time something is different inside of me....and I don't just mean that piece of plastic around my stomach.  Yes, that piece of plastic does help but only so much.  That piece of plastic does not pick & plan healthy high-protein meals for the week (like I did on Saturday), it does not wave away the bread basket when I'm eating out (like I did on Sunday), it does not get my ass to the gym for an hour of intensive cardio & an hour of weights (like I did last night), it does not pack my lunch everyday with quality bandster foods such as greek yogurt & cheese sticks (like I did this morning), it does not keep track of everything I eat in myfitnesspal (like I did a few hours ago), it does not keep me accountable to a larger community by blogging (like I am now) and that piece of plastic is not going to repeat this routine (like I am tomorrow).

60lbs down in 6months.  I'm pretty damn proud of that.  



Fluffy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You should be proud of yourself! Amazing transformation!

MandaPanda said...

You look fan-freakin-tastic! skinny! The measurements and the stats are just amazing! Great job!

Ronnie said...

I love this. You're doing so great, sweetie. :) 60 lbs down for both of us?! Yes, please!