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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sorry, folks, that I have been MIA but I've been away on vaca :)
We spent last week up in Breckenridge with my husband's brother & his family.  No weigh-in last week but here is yesterday's stats:

Monday weigh-in: 164.2lbs
down 1lb in 2 weeks
Considering the good, bad & ugly of my trip - a measly 1 lb loss is not terribly let's start with the good..

 - Breck does not suck.  It is absolutely beautiful up there - even with a lot of snow still on the peaks.  (People were still skiing over at A-basin on 4th of July. crazy!)  Plus its less than 2hours from my house...nice to go on a trip where I don't have to get on a plane.

- I hadn't seen my in-laws in about 2 years.  They were very complimentary & effusive in their praise.  So sweet  & nice to hear!

- My nieces, 10 & 13, have never been to Colorado or seen the mountains before.  A little strange to me since its my daily view but it was fun to see this amazing place through fresh eyes.  Another reminder how lucky I am to live in this beautiful state.

- I was active every day.  No lounging by the pool sipping drinks for me anymore.  I WANT to be out doing things.  this is new for me. We stayed at a nice place downtown & I hit the elliptical every morning for about 45min.  Plus we did a lot of walking, some hiking & even went horseback riding.  When my husband & I got back to Denver, we went out & did my first hill climb bike ride.  My 67-mile race is less than 2 months away & I need to get ready.

- Shopping!  I did another closet purge and let me tell you its getting to be slim pickings in there!!!  Especially summer wear because I haven't worn shorts in a very long time.  On one of the rainy afternoons, I hit the outlet malls.  It was SO great!  Its still a very novel experience to grab a bunch of mediums & 10s off the rack, have them fit & also have them look good!  I hit up Eddie Bauer for shorts & casual tops and everything I tried on looked so cute.  it was such a strange experience.  Before this, I would grab the largest size I could & take home whatever didn't look wretched.  Now, its a matter of picking out the cutest of the cute.  NSV - it was probably the most fun shopping trip I've ever done :)

Now for the bad....
- My band was sooooo tight.  Denver is at 5300ft elevation, Breck is at 9600ft elevation.  We also spent a lot of time hiking & 4x4ing at 11-12,000ft.  I could totally a feel the difference.  I did pack a lot of my own food so I had protein shakes, nuts, bars, etc but only a few nibbles here & there.
- Eating in public.  I did not tell my in-laws about the band & I was definitely getting some strange looks when we went out to eat and I barely touched my food.  Thankfully, we weren't with them 24x7 so my SIL couldn't inspect everything I ate.

- Daily PBs.  ick!  ugh!
- Even after returning home, it still feels really tight.  Sunday, I PB'd everything solid I ate....scrambled eggs, trail mix & shrimp.  gross, gross, gross

So, I'm back to liquids & mushies for a few days to see if everything calms down.  Given how little I actually consumed, you can see why 1lb loss is so disappointing. 

Back to work - its been absolutely crazy since getting back to the office.  Oh, how I love vaca......



Ronnie said...

Glad you had fun, but sorry your band was so tight. :( Hope a few days on liquids helps you out!

MandaPanda said...

Sounds like a great trip...especially the shopping.

Sorry your band has been misbehaving. Hopefully it calms down.

Welcome home!