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Monday, July 18, 2011

More hill climbing

Monday weigh-in: 164.6lbs
up 0.4lbs from last week
more bitching about this in a bit...

...but, first!  Had a lovely weekend.  Went out to a concert at the Botanical Gardens with some friends on Friday nite.  Great Louisiana sounds in a beautiful setting!  Saw Harry Potter movie on Saturday - LOVED it!  I'm a rabid Potter fan but I'm a little sad the whole thing is over.  sigh.

Did some more hill climbing work yesterday.  We were able to get a babysitter so just the hubs & I could go for a ride.  nice treat.  We did Lookout Mountain in Golden.  Its a serious climb - 5 miles at 5-6% grade & 1300ft elevation gain.  This is the same climb we did after returning from Breck but this time I was able to complete the whole thing.  yippee!!!! no stops!!!  Granted, it took me 53minutes (a far cry from hubbie's best time of 32min) but I did it.  Even just riding it a second time, I felt much stronger & knew what to expect.  Also, we don't drive out to Golden & then ride up it....oh no.  We leave from our house in Denver, ride to Golden (which is 12miles & mostly uphill) in order to start the climb.  Whole trip is about 32miles & took us about 3hours with rest breaks. 1800 calories burnt

Next, I need to tackle the actual climb in my upcoming race a couple of times.  That climb is gentler but longer...

At the top of Lookout is Buffalo Bill's grave.  Tacky museum & gift shop included.  You can get snacks at the gift shop and there are a bunch of picnic tables in the shade under the pines.  Lookout is a very popular ride & I think I saw 5x as many bicyclists as cars on Sunday.  The riders tend to gather for a rest at the picnic tables & swap stories.  As I was hanging out listening to the stories, I felt like I belonged there.  No one was looking at me like I crashed the party.  I wasn't the smallest person in the group but I also wasn't the biggest.  I was just....normal.  which is a segue to my next topic -

So, I'm stuck at 165lbs...and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I still have 20lbs to goal but, I gotta ask, what is the right goal?  I truly don't know how to answer that.  It didn't matter much when I started but now I'm thinking a lot about how to define the endpoint.

Technically, I'm still overweight with a BMI of 25.1 but my waist-to-height ratio is healthy.  I know I could lose a few more pounds - I'm still flabby in my butt, back, etc.  Another 5-10lbs would put me solidly in a size 8.  But I feel good & feel I look good even now - so what's the end?



Ronnie said...

Goal could be now! Don't base it on some BMI chart, I say if you feel great at the weight you're currently at - call it maintenance. You can always redefine your goals later. :)

MandaPanda said...

I'm so impressed by these rides you do! I can't imagine biking that far.