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Thursday, December 1, 2011

weird rash

I woke up Tuesday morning with a weird rash on my palms & wrists and soles of my feet & ankles.  By Tuesday nite, it had spread to my inner thighs.  After a very restless night (my feet were so freaking itchy I couldn't sleep!), it had spread to my lower back.  By the time I saw dr Wed afternoon it was starting to show up on my belly.

How weird is this?  I've never had anything like it.  The doc was a usual doc - he had no clue & no real interest in finding out the underlying cause.  He's guessing its some sort of viral thing & prescribed me some oral steroids & a huge tube of steroid cream plus he told me to pick up some OTC antihistamine.

And side effects of the script?  other than the expected irritability & 'roid rage?  Increase in appetite.  oh, great!!!!  puffy face, too.  fabulous.

I started the meds yesterday (altho' I still couldn't sleep last night) I am feeling better today & it looks like the rash has stopped spreading.  I just hope its on the mend before I hop a flight to Brazil on Sunday.  Medical emergency in a foreign country is near to top of my "I hope I never...." anti-bucket list.

This rash also means I'm not working out this week.  First, I just don't feel up to it but also, I feel like I should avoid the gym.  I know what I would think if I saw someone else walking around the locker room covered in some nasty looking rash.  ick!   



TheJuliaNelson said...

Yikes! Hope you recover soon. At least you're too young for shingles. I got those the week before I turned 50 and I wouldn't wish those on anyone.

MandaPanda said...

Definitely the right choice in avoiding the gym! It could've been's just your immune system going whacky. My daughters are SO sensitive to different plants in the area. One windy day turns them into little raspberries. Hoping it's gone by your trip!

moni said...

That's not good! I'm glad the med's have kicked in and you're feeling better :) If I don't talk to u before...have a great trip :)

Ronnie said...

Oh no! I hope you're back to 100%, I know rashes are NO fun.