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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Running between airports...

Monday weigh-in: 149.6lbs
down 0.8lbs from last time

not bad considering I spent last week in Brazil drinking the local drink & eating the local specialities.  This week I'm on the road again - west coast now and east coast back half of the week.  I can tell I've changed in the last year - now the first things that go in the suitcase are athletic shoes & workout gear.  Even in Sao Paulo, I managed to hit the ellipticals everyday for an hour.  ah, the new me.  :)

even though my weight has stabilized around the 150 mark, I can tell my body is still changing.  I'm getting leaner.  for me, back fat, shoulders & arms are last to get in shape and it feels like its finally happening.  I'm no Michelle Obama or Madonna but I can finally see arm muscles :)   I hit the mall over the weekend & ended up doing more shopping for myself.  in late Sept, I was comfortable in 10s but now the last 2 skirts I've bought were size 4.  shocking!!  however, the find of the century was hanging on a sale rack in Nordstrom.  I found a totally kick-ass motorcycle-style jacket from Burberry marked down from $900 to $300.  Only one jacket, though, in a size 6.  it fits like a dream.  I don't think I'm ever going to take it off.  :)  I can now say I am a designer size 6.  NSV, sisters!  one I never dared dream could actually happen to me.

this NSV is why I hit the gym.  I'll probably never weigh much less than I do now but I certainly feel a big difference in clothes from size 10 to 6/4.  not sure how people who never really catch the exercise bug do this on calorie restriction only.  guess I'm in the LapBandGal/Catherine55 gotta sweat.

Unbelievably, next week is my one-year bandiversary.  does.not.seem.real.  I'll do a recap with pics, measurements & latest numbers.  hopefully, that will be eye-opening for me.  My brain hasn't quite caught up to this new body yet....

off to the airport....


Anonymous said...

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Ronnie said...

Oh MY. I am gonna need to see pics of that jacket. :)

And congrats on the total lifestyle change - you're doing it!