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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm a grinch

today's weigh-in: 148.2lbs
down 1.6lbs from last week

First & foremost, I hope everyone had a lovely, wonderful & happy Christmas.  I have a confession - I'm a grinch.  I've never particularly liked xmas.  I'm not religious, I think its too much work & effort for just one day that usually ends up disappointing & overloaded with family drama.  Not a great attitude to roll into the holidays with, I know.

Xmas last year was really lovely - I was recovering from surgery which gave me an excuse to nix all travel plans & ban all family visits.  (although no one in my family knows about the WLS).  Well last year's karma is catching up with me.  This year, I had visitors *and* we are traveling.  bah humbug.

My family is a mess & I've done my best to distance myself from them.  But they caught up with me for the holidays.  My father & brother came into town xmas eve.  Thankfully my house is too small to support overnight guests so they stay at a hotel.  I have nothing good to say about the visit so I'm not going to say anything.  They left early Monday morning - thats the best thing I can say.  sigh.

Hubs, kid & I did our own xmas gift exchange on xmas morning.  That was lovely.  My hubs is totally spoiled!  I got him lots of goodies.  The kid is not really into toys & already has tons of clothes so we are going to redecorate her bedroom.  gonna be cute.  Hubs knows that I'd rather have one or two really nice things than a bunch of stuff.  quality over quantity.  He got me a very luxe cashmere sweater and a sexy chemise.  This was the first time in a looooong time I let him buy me clothes.  I think he liked it.

Later on xmas night after my family had left & the kid was asleep, the hubs knew how wound up I was.  We cuddled on the couch & then made love in front of the fire bathed in the glow of the xmas tree lights.  best part of my holiday.

It gets better!!! I went to the gym on Monday morning - by the time I got home the hubs had already taken down the tree & put away most of the decorations.  :) love that man!!!

He was so anxious to clean up because we are leaving at first light tomorrow to go see his family in Kansas.  His family is absolutely lovely.  I always enjoy my time with them but its a 12 hour drive across western Kansas to get there & we often get snowed in some little podunk town.  Right now I am blogging instead of packing.

As for weight, I haven't been making the best food choices but I haven't been binging either.  Still getting a lot of gym time in.  I think I'm now hitting the gym more for my mental health rather than my physical health - especially after dealing with my father & brother!  I think this latest weight loss has more to do with my usual post-period drop.  I'll take it :)

I owe you guys a post on maintenance (the mere idea is totally freaking me out).  Plus I need to come up with my word for 2012.  hmmmmm.....



Ronnie said...

Sounds like a great Christmas, after dark anyway. Sorry about your family... mine isn't very enjoyable either. :(

At least you got a loss out of it!

vickyd said...

Congrats on the loss and having a good Christmas despite unwanted visitors. Have a safe trip to visit your in-laws...

MandaPanda said...

Sexy Christmas for sure! I'm sorry family drama gets in the way of a serene Christmas for you. Hopefully this trip will be a nice one and you can finally move on from the holidays. Great loss!