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Saturday, December 25, 2010

5 days post op...

... and a Merry Xmas to me!  Quite a gift this year, eh?

So a let's do a recap:
I was scheduled for lapband with Dr. Synder on Dec 20 at 1pm. I was told to arrive by 10am since the doc is known to be rather speedy & he'd probably get to me by noon.  Well, he didn't - he got to me even earlier!  I remember rolling into OR by 11:40 and then waking up in recovery by 12:15. yay.

Pre-op prep was pretty routine altho' the nurse did really struggle to get the IV in me so I had stick marks all over my arms.  The anesthesiologist came in first to chat.  I did tell her that I tend to freak out going under but she didn't want to give me the relaxing cocktail because the surgery was so quick.  Then the doc came in for one last check and then I was rolling down the looooooong hall to OR.  Really, its short but definitely long enough to the think "what in the hell am I doing??"

Last thing I remember was the gas mask & the anes. whispering in my ear telling me everything would be ok.  Next thing I know, I'm waking up in recovery.  This was where I was glad I didn't have the cocktail since I woke up quite quickly.  Stage 1 recovery was fine - just laid there & asked for morphine every time there was a twinge.  Rather enjoyed the coddling, actually.  Didn't really feel much pain in my belly but my back was starting to kill me from laying flat for so long.  This is where things start to take a turn for the worse...

Next thing they did was wheel me down for x-rays & barium swallow.  There must have been some sort of back up since they parked me in a wheelchair outside of radiology for over hour.  No morphine.  no one checked on me.  no water or ice chips.  no nothing.  grrrr....

After xrays, I went back to Stage 2 recovery but by this time I was feeling completely wretched.  I did ask for pain meds several times but the nurse took way too long.  Just then the anes. stopped by & said I looked like I was going to puke.  guess what?  I did.  good times.

after a couple of laps around the floor, a sip test, good oxygen readings and a pee I was released.  Home by 6ish.  Popped a few pain pills and was out for the night.

I originally thought that I'd be feeling pretty good by Tuesday nite but, ah, not so much.  Took a few more pills throughout Tuesday but none since then because they make me so groggy.  Clear liquids only M, T, W.  The hospital sent me home with a few bottles of Isopure Zero Carb.  ah, gross.  I was more than ready to move to full liquids by Thursday.  yeah for a heating pad to get me through these early days.

Th & Fr I was starting to feel better but my stomach was very tight & I was moving very slow; hunched over like an old. No shoulder pain.  Also had a odd but painful & sharp twinge at my port.  yikes!  I did check the boards and that seems rather normal.  Friday am went out for some last minute shopping.   It felt good to be out & about but I definitely walked too long.  Broke out the heating pad again when I got home.

And then the strangest thing happened....I had been expecting to have a huge, distended belly due to the gas used but I didn't.  My belly was hard but as flat (or not!) as ever until Friday at bedtime.  A few good farts and then all the stiffness in my belly was gone.  Its a Christmas miracle!

I woke up this morning feeling so great.  Plus it was my first day of pureed foods.  Cream of Wheat never tasted soooooo good.  I'm still trying find a protein powder that I actually like...but the search continues.  DH did give me a Magic Bullet for xmas - I'm looking forward to see if I can whip up something palatable in that.

Next step is to see the doc & go to nutrition classes on Wed.  In the meantime, I'm trying to get to 65grams of protein & 64oz of water a day.

I am going to brave the stores tomorrow to get the one thing on my list that wasn't under the tree:  a scale.  Like many fat chicks, I don't a scale or a full-length mirror.  But now that I've started this journey, it may be time for a change.


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moni said...

Hi Chloe! So glad to read that you're feeling better :) Glad you're still writing!!!