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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jumping on the band wagon

Like so many others, I am doing weight loss surgery.  I am scheduled for a lapband tomorrow at 1pm.  Feeling nervous, excited, concerned, fatalistic and just a little sparkly with a dash of sky blue.

I've never kept a diary or journaled in my life so blogging is new to me in many ways.  Just like the band will be....and just like the band, I see this blog as another tool I'm going to need to change my life & fat ass.

Pics will be forthcoming. Surgery day stories, bios, past history & future hope, ups, downs, highs, lows,  failure and success will all be forthcoming, too.

Before this journey officially begins, I want to cite some special bandita bloggers.  Your stories inspired me, calmed me, educated me on want happens between the "before" and "after" and ultimately gave me the courage to take this step.  Thank you.

For her humor: Land of Cheese and Sunkist
For her glamourous NYC life: Chronicles from Bandland
For the Colorado connections: bandstertracyiheartthebandhungrygirlsdiary

I'm coming, my sisters!!!

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