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Thursday, May 24, 2012

day 23 pics

I just passed 3 weeks out from PS & snapped a few pics this morning.  Everyday is a little better - yesterday was the first day where I felt like my typical energy was back.  Its a fleeting thing tho' because today I feel tired again....but its nice to know the spark is still out there.  I can now sleep on side which is great but I tried laying on my belly for about 10min yesterday.  ah, no go.  also, the scar right at the top of my ass-crack is super itchy. ugh.

Here are today's pics!
still a little thick & swollen in the mid-section but look at that ass!

pre-op butt

my belly is not wrinlkly!!! yippee.

pre-op belly

I feel a bikini in my future!


Reggie said...

WOW Chloe! I am impressed. I see a bikini in your future too :o)

Vanessa said...

wow! You got me thinking about PS now! How long do you have to wait before you can work out?

vickyd said...

You look fabulous, girl!!! I definitely see a bikini in your future!!

Ronnie said...

Nice booty! I'm jealous. lol

Lyla said...

You look great-- thanks for posting and letting me know you're out here in blogland!