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Friday, March 9, 2012

Single girl on a jet plane

I'm a single girl right now. The hubs went home to KC on Wed for the Big 12 basketball tournament.  Him, his brother & his dad get tickets to the whole thing - its a big male bonding thing for him.  He took the kid with him & she is hanging out with his mom & sister so they get some good girl bonding time.  And me?  Home alone with the dog.  Is it a crime to say I am totally digging it?  I loooooove hoggin the whole bed to myself :)!

It won't last long.  I leave Sunday for Paris.  A couple days of meetings & then a couple days of shopping.  SO looking forward to it!!!

I did go in for a fill yesterday.  She put back in .5ccs.  I don't really want to end up on this fill/unfill seesaw but here I am. 


1 comment:

Ronnie said...

Jealous! That's all I got. Pure jealousy. lol